23 Photos - Jun 27, 2012
Photo: The oldest surviving original cartographic depiction of the Holy LandPhoto: Serene looking at the Madaba map in the church of St GeorgePhoto: Intricate mosaics in the Madaba mosaic musemPhoto: Tiles in the Madaba mosaic museumPhoto: Tiles in the Madaba mosaic museumPhoto: The owner of the Black Iris recommended this hole in the wall shop for bbq chickenPhoto: Serene and Young Sam eagerly waiting for the bbq chickenVideo: Making the delicious fresh salsaPhoto: Freshly cookedVideo: Photo: We ate this 3 nights in a row because it was incredibly good and also very cheapPhoto: Citadel at AmmanPhoto: There were many good views over Amman from the CitadelPhoto: Temple of Hercules at the CitadelPhoto: Dome of the Umayyad vestibulePhoto: Ain Ghazal statue made sometime 6000-8000 B.CPhoto: Checking out the cannon balls at AjlounPhoto: The views were supposedly quite good from AjlounPhoto: At least we had good coffee at AjlounPhoto: JerashPhoto: JerashPhoto: JerashPhoto: Serene, Odeh (owner of the Black Iris), me and Achmed (our driver) before we left Jordan