20 Photos - Jun 14, 2012
Photo: Mt Nebo is where Moses was shown the promised landPhoto: Windy day on Mt Nebo . In the horizon is Israel with the sign pointing out historical sites like JerichoPhoto: Bethany is where Jesus was baptized by JohnPhoto: The river Jordan used to flow at the baptism sitePhoto: Photo: River Jordan. Israel is on the other river bank.Video: Photo: Serene was excited to be at the Dead Sea!Photo: Making good use of the free mud at the Dead Sea SpaPhoto: Almost at 100% coverage!Video: Photo: Serene floating in the Dead SeaPhoto: It is quite easy to float standing upPhoto: I tried the mud treatment on my armsPhoto: Making good use of the free food and drink coupons that came with the entrance fee (promotional offer for the New Year)Photo: Dead Sea overlook along the roadPhoto: Hammamet Ma'in hot springs. We spent a long time soaking in the pools under the waterfallVideo: Photo: Serene in the lower level poolPhoto: Serene looking refreshed