15 Photos - Jun 4, 2012
Photo: Silver workshop where we bought an ibex broochPhoto: View into Wadi DanaPhoto: Heading back to Dana village after watching sunsetPhoto: Wadi Dana at sunrise. We hiked down along the visible path at the bottom of the wadi.Photo: Photo: We saw dozens of these birds (lesser kestrel?) circling above usPhoto: Hiking beneath the sandstone walls of Wadi Dana was quite nicePhoto: Feinan Lodge was at the end of the trail. We took a break and hiked back to Dana VillagePhoto: Photo: One of the many lizards sunning themselves along the trailPhoto: Waiting for Serene to catch up. Our destination, Dana Village, can be seen on the rim of the canyon above.Photo: We got back at sunset from the 17.5 mile 4000 ft hikePhoto: We stayed at the Tower hotel in DanaPhoto: Our cave like room with no windows. Big package tour groups now descend on Dana Village and take up all the good roomsPhoto: The room was also called the cave