19 Photos - Apr 19, 2012
Photo: Photo: The views were great around the first bend from the trail headPhoto: Looking back to the start of the trailPhoto: We saw a number of Tule Elk wandering close to the trailPhoto: Halfway to Tomales PointPhoto: The trail was mostly nice and level except for some sandy bitsPhoto: Serene surrounded by wildflowersPhoto: The trail wound its way through thickets of wildflowers near Tomales PointPhoto: Enjoying the views at Tomales PointPhoto: Photo: We also saw pelicans that dayPhoto: The light was better on the return tripPhoto: We saw lots of Tule Elk close by on the return tripPhoto: Looking back to Tomales Point in the distancePhoto: Looking across to Tomales BayPhoto: Photo: Nice views to end the run withPhoto: Photo: Serene pleased to be done