32 Photos - Feb 20, 2012
Photo: Why did the camel cross the road?Photo: Serene at Wadi Rum villagePhoto: Camels on the horizonPhoto: Excited to ride camelsVideo: Serene and Scott on their 1 JD camel ride around our first jeep stopPhoto: There were many beautiful windswept red sand dunesPhoto: We hiked up one of the Al-Hasany dunesPhoto: Camel petroglyphsPhoto: Wadi Rum Grasshopper near the T. E. Lawrence housePhoto: Lunch break! They gave us cans of tuna but no can openerPhoto: We scrambled to the top of some archesPhoto: Expansive desert views from the Rakhabat al-WadakPhoto: We hiked into a siq in Jebel KhazaliPhoto: We stayed in the striped tent at the bottom rightPhoto: Waiting for sunset above our camp at Jebel KhazaliPhoto: Views of Jebel Rum and the desert at sunsetPhoto: Serene, Eu-Jin, Young Sam, and Scott from left to rightPhoto: The colors changed with every moment at sunsetPhoto: Not knowing when the sun rose, we got up an hour too earlyPhoto: But it was worth the wait because we saw the dawn light change the desert viewsPhoto: Jebel Rum and Jebel Umm UlaydiyyaPhoto: Scott at sunrisePhoto: When the sun finally rose, the alpenglow was spectacularPhoto: The view to the south of Jebel KhazaliPhoto: The view to the north of Jebel KhazaliPhoto: An hour after sunrise, the landscape looked differentPhoto: We went for a short walk after breakfast to stand between two desert mountainsPhoto: Serene at the little rock outcrop we hiked toPhoto: Photo: Walking back to campPhoto: Camels in the desert on the jeep ride outVideo: The bumpy jeep ride out of Wadi Rum