26 Photos - Feb 13, 2012
Photo: Capitalizing on the 30 seconds of Petra footage in Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadePhoto: Serene walking through the SiqPhoto: Near the end of the Siq, you catch a glimpse of the TreasuryPhoto: There were a number of cats living in PetraPhoto: Serene and Eu-Jin at the TreasuryPhoto: Picked up a friendPhoto: Serene admiring the TreasuryPhoto: Almost everyone in this picture was from our hotel in Petra. We had the place to ourselves between 7 and 8 am.Photo: Hiking up to the place of high sacrificePhoto: The plateau near the place of high sacrificePhoto: Circular altarPhoto: These obelisks are made by carving away the surrounding rockPhoto: Near the Garden tombPhoto: Checking out the tombs near the Renaissance tombPhoto: Lunchtime with Serene, Young Sam and Scott on the steps of the Great TemplePhoto: Hiking up the Al-Khubtha trail to the treasury overlookPhoto: Guidebook break at the top of the trailPhoto: Delighted to find that the treasury overlook lived up to expectationsPhoto: Two men dressed up in costumes in front of the TreasuryPhoto: Photo: Many of the stairs and paths in Petra are original Nabataean construction, and a number had interesting patternsPhoto: At the monastery, the largest structure we sawPhoto: Photo: The monasteryPhoto: We finally visited Petra!Photo: It was great fun to spend Christmas in Petra with Scott and Young Sam