35 Photos - Jan 16, 2012
Photo: Trying to skate under the Sierra wavePhoto: Serene on Tenaya Lake with Stately Pleasure Dome behindVideo: This is my second time on ice skates and the last time was more than 10 years ago -- no falls though! Serene refused to try skating after watching my stumbles.Photo: We would occasionally hear loud whoomping sounds and feel vibrations through the ice as it settledPhoto: Bubbles frozen in Tenaya LakePhoto: Trying to skate on the glassy lake iceVideo: I got very slightly better as the day progressed. The ice is especially shiny and smooth here.Photo: Frozen waves on the beachPhoto: Vince and Jess sharing a pair of skatesPhoto: Jess and VincePhoto: Serene examining some fracture patterns. The ice is thicker than 6 inches at this pointVideo: There was a stiff breeze that day and you could get pushed along the ice by just facing away from the wind and extending your armsPhoto: Tree trunk frozen in the lake icePhoto: Photo: Photo: Ice patches in Tuolumne meadowsPhoto: Vince testing the water purityPhoto: Sheets of ice formed on the river through Tuolumne meadowsPhoto: On the banks of the river through the meadowsPhoto: The river gurgled beneath the ice sheetsPhoto: Jess and Vince checking out a clear hole in the icePhoto: The clear piece of ice with river stones belowPhoto: Sections of the river ice were clear of bubblesPhoto: Photo: Serene holding up a pretty piece of river icePhoto: Vince before his attempt to jump a thin ice patchVideo: Vince thinks he can make it across the thin ice over the river!Video: The ice is thin in some sections.Photo: Walking through the meadowsPhoto: Jess and Vince on a boulder near Puppy domeVideo: Our favourite summer swimming hole at Puppy Dome had a layer of slush over a thick layer of icePhoto: Tenaya Lake and Peak near sunset. We'd climbed Tenaya Peak last summerPhoto: Hiking up to get a better view of the winter sunsetPhoto: Tenaya Peak in the backgroundPhoto: Cloud's Rest