18 Photos - Dec 21, 2011
Photo: We were in the UK to attend the wedding of my friend Tze Hua (middle, his brother on the left)Photo: We visited the Canterbury Cathedral the day after the wedding since the venue was close to CanterburyPhoto: The memorial to Thomas BeckettPhoto: We wandered down this hallway in the cathedral and tried to find the oldest graffiti there. The oldest one we saw was from 1626Photo: The ceiling of Canterbury CathedralPhoto: The ceiling of the tower had these intricate fan patternsPhoto: We drove to Stonehenge after Canterbury. Pleased to be at StonehengePhoto: The sun came out only for this brief momentPhoto: Photo: Photo: The crowds disappeared near closing timePhoto: Examining one of the stones in Avebury circlePhoto: The Avebury circle is on farmland and there were sheep and cows wandering among the stonesPhoto: The stones were also spread out all along processional paths and we took a walk along the pathsPhoto: Photo: Reading the guidebook  while walking - not recommendedPhoto: Heading to Silbury Hill, the tallest (131 ft) man made prehistoric mound in Europe. It was made almost 5000 years ago and apparently took 15 million man hoursPhoto: Avebury stones in the moonlight