28 Photos - Dec 21, 2011
Photo: Serene at Blenheim PalacePhoto: Stopping to smell the roses at Blenheim PalacePhoto: Serene threatening me with a pike in BlenheimPhoto: Our first day in Wales. We hiked up the Pyg track to the summit of Snowdonia Peak and down the Miner's track. We really enjoyed this hike.Photo: SnowdoniaPhoto: Sheep were all along the trailPhoto: SnowdoniaPhoto: The sun would emerge occasionally through the cloudsPhoto: The trail is not as empty as the pictures showPhoto: There were a lot of people on the trail that day. It was heartening to see many families and older people hiking.Photo: People would stick coins into this pole near the topPhoto: The Pyg track is the upper track and the Miner's is the lower one. There's a scramble that goes on the upper ridge line (Crib Goch) that we were considering but ultimately decided not to because of potential weatherPhoto: Enjoying the sunshine while it lastsPhoto: Sheep with a viewVideo: There is a train that goes to the top of Snowdonia on the other side of the hillPhoto: The summit of SnowdonPhoto: Summit of SnowdonPhoto: We sat near the summit for a while enjoying the viewPhoto: The Miner's track winds through several lakesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: We made it back in time to spend an hour at Conwy CastlePhoto: Looking down from one of the upper turrets of Conwy CastlePhoto: The town had grown into the medieval city wallsPhoto: Dinner! I'm sure the fish wasn't that happy to be on a bed of chipsPhoto: After dinner walk along Conwy harborPhoto: It's not Ireland but we still enjoyed a pint of Guiness after the walk