68 Photos - Dec 23, 2011
Photo: 2 - Tryphena Evenden, died August 1st 1889, aged 64 yearsHephzibah Evenden, died July 21st 1905, aged 85 yearsPhoto: 3-William Horace, child of Henry and Annie Hemmins, born May 14th 1886, died February 22nd 1890Photo: 4-Thomas Ellett, died October 15th 1888, aged 49 yearsPhoto: 5-Edwin Robert Ing, died January 31st 1909, aged 79 yearsPhoto: 5- Adelaide Ing, wife of E.R. Ing, died January 14th 1906Photo: 6-Charles Kent, died February 28th 1888, aged 42 yearsPhoto: 6-Martha, widow of C.K. and wife of George Barnett, died February 13th 1904, aged 60 yearsPhoto: 7- Elizabeth Pope Large, died June 4th 1888, aged 52 yearsPhoto: 8-William Hall, born at Longford, Ireland, September 8th 1815, died at Longford Villa, Swindon, August 30th 1898, alsoMartha, wife, born July 12th 1818, died at Longford Villa, Swindon, January 22nd 1902Photo: 9-William Povey, died March 7th 1887 aged 71 yearsPhoto: 9-Mary, beloved wife of W.P. died December 12th 1913, aged 81 yearsPhoto: 10-William Rew Middleton of Taunton, died January 22nd 1886, aged 74 yearsEliza, wife of above, died December 12th 1890, aged 82 yearsPhoto: 12-Augusta Frances, youngest daughter of William Lynd and [Blanche?] Martin, born March 29th 1881, died March 23rd 1888Photo: 13-Charles Augusts Fulton, died March 6th 1886, aged 45 yearsPhoto: 14-Frederick Ernest Stanley, child of George and Susannah Hunt, died January 20th 1894, aged 5 years and 6 monthsPhoto: 15-Henry Smith, died June 17th 1886, aged 49 yearsAnnie Lousia, wife of above, born January 28th 1849, died July 1st 1910Photo: 16-(N) Ann Merrifield, wife of Edward John Keylocke, died December 1st 1881, aged 33 yearsWilliam Howse Keylock, son of Edward and Ann Keylock, died November 2nd 1898, aged 27 yearsPhoto: 16-(S) Edward John Keylock, died May 18th 1912, aged 70 yearsPhoto: 17- (N) Jessie, died January 6th 1854, aged 7 yearsFrederick, died June 9th 1865, aged 15 yearsSidney, died March 21st 1866, aged 10 monthsSeptimus, died July 11th 1889, aged 25 yearsChildren of William & Martha MorrisPhoto: 17-(W) William Morris, author & journalist, died June 15th 1891, aged 65 years, also of Martha, wife, died December 14th 1886, aged 63 yearsPhoto: 17-(S) Kate Elizabeth, died December 29th 1919, aged 57 yearsJessie Emily, died December 27th 1920, aged 63 yearsFrank Alfred, died September 18th 1927, aged 60 yearsSamuel Perry, died April 9th 1928, aged 74 yearsChildren of William & Martha MorrisPhoto: 17-(E) William Edwin, died April 22nd 1902, aged 54 yearsWalter George, died February 6th 1905, aged 52 yearsEdwin James, died November 29th 1909, aged 49 yearsValentine, died February 22nd 1919, aged 63 years, children of William & Martha MorrisPhoto: 18-Jane Frampton, died March 20th 1880, aged 60 yearsEllen Frampton, died October 27th 1902Photo: 18-Emma Frampton, died February 20th 1902, also------- Sarah of ---- 1902Photo: 19-Joshua Henry Piper, proprietor of the North Wilts Herald, born July 25th 1837, died June 16th 1885, aged 48 yearsRebecca Margaret Annie Piper, only daughter, died September 3rd 1920Annie Piper, wife of above, died April 12th 1925, aged 88 yearsHenryPhoto: 20-Martha Anne Robinson nee Wood, born Wroxeter, Salop, May 2nd 1837, died June 26th 1881Photo: 21-Jonathan Barnes, died June 27th 1873, aged 54 yearsMary, wife of above, died November 12th 1891, aged 72 yearsPhoto: 22-Thomas Ponting, died September 22nd 1870, aged 19 yearsJohn Ponting, died January 6 [1873?] [aged 90 years]Photo: 23-IllegiblePhoto: 24-William, son of Robert & Maria Beasant, died November [1st] 1870, aged 33 yearsMaria, wife of R.B., died January [5th] [1872]Robert Beasant, died August 7th 1880, aged 70 yearsPhoto: 25-IllegiblePhoto: 26-Edwin James, son of John & Mary Godwin, died April 1st 1864, aged 1 year 9 monthsAlly Elizabeth, daughter, died April 6th 1870, aged 1 year 3 monthsJoseph William, son, died December 30th 1873, aged 14 daysPhoto: 27-Edith Jane daughter of John & Mary Godwin, died January -- 18—aged 6 years 11 monthsPhoto: 28-Jane, wife of Richard Green, died January 4th 1864, aged 47 yearsRichard Green, died August 17th 1867, aged 46 yearsPhoto: 29-(N) Annie Isabella, died June 25th 1876, age 5 monthsHenry James Earnshaw, died February 6th 1878, age 8 monthsChildren of Frederic James & Isabella NewPhoto: 29-(W) Frederick James New, eleven years clerk in locomotive department of Great Western Railway at Swindon, accidentally killed walking on the line, February 19th 1878, aged 34 years, erected by officials and fellow clerks at Swindon as a tribute of respectPhoto: 29-(S) Sarah Sophia, wife of F.J.N., died January 19 1871, aged 23 yearsFrances Jane, only daughter, died October 27th 1880, aged 18 yearsPhoto: 29-(E) Isabella, wife of F.J.N. died December 2nd 1922, aged 72 yearsPhoto: 30-Elizabeth Jane, daughter of Richard & Jane Lewis, died February 12th 1870, aged 8 weeksPhoto: 32-Mary, wife of Edward Henry Page, died April 21st 1869, aged 36 yearsPhoto: 33-Mary Elizabeth, daughter of late Joseph New (of Swindon), born February 23rd 1827, died July 7th 1888Photo: 34-Ruth Elizabeth, daughter of Charles King & Naomi Sheppard, born July 17th 1856, died -----Photo: 35-Sarah, wife of Samuel Knee, died February 11th 1860, aged 52 yearsPhoto: 36-IllegiblePhoto: 37-IllegiblePhoto: 38-(N) Mary Ann Rose, died September [28th 1873]------ Rose ---- [1878?]Photo: 38-(S) ----------Rose ------ember 4 [1865], aged 58 yearsPhoto: 39-John Wainwright Shellard, born July 3rd 1838, died September 16th 1868Also two children of above who died in infancyPhoto: 40-William James, infant son of James & Mary Jane Pakeman, died February 8th 1863, aged 5 monthsPhoto: 41-(W) Mary, wife of Samuel Shaw, died [March 11 ------]Photo: 41-(S) Mary Jessie, child of Samuel & Mary Shaw, died April 7th 18[75] aged 1 year 4 months, alsoWilliam, son, died -----  -----Photo: 42-[Child of] Henry and ------ ----- died August 7th 1861 aged 1 year 3 monthsPhoto: 43-Jonathan Hatt, died February 23rd 1871, aged 78 yearsElizabeth, wife of J.H. died February 7th 1860, aged 60 yearsJohn [Lowe] Hatt, son, died November 16th 1863, aged 26 yearsPhoto: 43-(S) Hannah, wife of J.H., died September 19th 1875, aged 86 yearsPhoto: 43-(N) John Hatt, died August 25th 1859, aged 72 yearsPhoto: 44-John Jeffries, died ------- 1866Photo: 45-John Luc—tt Jeffries, aged 31, died 3 August 1905 [1856?]Photo: 46-IllegiblePhoto: 47-Alice, child of William & Mary Povey, died May 19th 1870, aged 1 year 9 monthsPhoto: 47-Ann Povey, born November 17th 1859, survived birth 9 hoursPhoto: 48-Frederick James Hall, died January 18th 1871, aged 6 yearsPhoto: 49-In memory of Mary wife of Edward Wills died February 6th 1862 aged 62yrsPhoto: 50-Ellen Christie who died June 1st 1893 aged 42 years. At rest at last from the weary world. The Lord gives life and he takes it away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.Photo: 51-Sacred to the memory of Deborah Stephens who departed this life December 23rd 1891 aged 43 yearsPhoto: 52-In affectionate memory of William Matthews who died March 12th 1863 aged 47 years. Mary Elizabeth wife of the above died December 23rd 1867 aged 47 years. Mary Elizabeth daughter of the above died January 2nd 1863 aged 17 years. Charles son of the above who died December 19th 1862 aged 6 yearsPhoto: 53-Sacred to the memory of Thomas Dean who died November 3rd 1865 aged 82 years also Maria wife of the above who died April 4th 1868 aged 74 years. Also Henry Maney grandson of the above who died September 30th 1866 aged 2 years.” Why should we mourn departed friends or shake at death’s alarms, Tis but the voice that Jesus sends, To call us to his arms”Photo: 54-Here lies the body of Arthur Teall late secretary for 6 years of the Mackies Good Intent Lodge of the Independent order of Oddfellows MU who died November 17th 1865 aged 29 years. “ This stone has been erected by the brethren of the Swindon district in token of their unfeigned respect for their deceased brother”. “Into thy hands I commend my Spirit”.Photo: 55-In loving memory of Charles Davies who died on November 22nd 1893 aged 38 years. Also of Willie our only and dearly loved child who died March 3rd 1892 aged 2 months. “ God took them to sit at Jesus’s feet