60 Photos - Sep 14, 2011
Photo: First page from my sketchbook, done on the plane on the way over.Photo: Took our good friend Ben Reburn's shirt with us and took pictures of it in different countries and places.Photo: Had a wonderful layover in the amazing Hong Kong Airport.Photo: Misha developed a somewhat disturbing obsession with the fake digital clocks on tv screens in the Hong Kong Airport.Photo: Then a not-so-nice layover in Bangkok where we were "got" to remain on the plane for 2 hours while other passengers switched on and off.Photo: Delhi was crazy and overwhelming. We knew from our reading ahead of time though that everything would be marked "Government Approved" (which it was) and that 99% of the time that would not be true.Photo: We went in without a solid plan in place, and good thing -- because after the craziness of Delhi, we wanted to get out of there ASAP, so we hopped the first train we could get to Agra (where the Taj Mahal is).Photo: In Agra we stayed at a small cheap place called Hotel Sheela -- they were so nice there if you went to the front office and put in a request they would even bring you a bucket a few minutes later filled with hot water that you could use to shower!Photo: Many signs in many places had seperate lines or areas for "Ladies" and "Gents" -- airport security to movie ticket offices and many places between.Photo: My favorite quote was when an Indian man was looking at the sketch going -- "You didn't even draw most of it!"Photo: getting up to see the taj mahal before sunrise is a must, but then so is an afternoon nap to recover...Photo: Accidentally stumbled onto this crazy "Taj Nature Walk" which cost about $1 and we thought was going to be a joke, but then out of nowhere comes an amazing view of the Taj Mahal -- totally pleasant surprise.Photo: Misha was supposed to be showing off her haggling skills to me -- so why then did she haggle the vendor to a HIGHER price than what he initially offered???Photo: The Bazaar streets in Agra were crowded, crazy and claustrophobic.Photo: Ratan was our lovely 62 year old bicycle rickshaw driver who worked with us, and had a great life attitude. Wish we could have done more for him, but i think we helped some.Photo: After-the-fact chronicle of our sunrise boat trip to view the Taj on fridays, when the gates are closed.Photo: Two travelers we met. Rodney in Agra -- outside of the Taj one morning. and Dan, who we met at Sunder Palace -- the white space is because his female companion was unfortunately absent because of a case of "Delhi Belly"Photo: The monkey parade that we saw on our way back from the river....tons of monkeys running around.Photo: To escape the heat in Agra one day we ventured into this nice cafe -- it was a total refuge -- A/C, comfortable seats, and to top it off, after we found out they used filtered water in all the ice for their drinks, we really enjoyed some of the fancy smoothies and beverages. expensive, but worth it for an indulgence.Photo: Vineet came up to us on our train ride from Agra to Jaipur and wanted to meet foreigners. He was very nice and had lots of great tips for us about Jaipur and just India in general.Photo: In Jaipur we stayed at a fantastic place called Sunder Palace. I was doing this drawing from memory, but i am happy with how it turned out and it definitely captured the feel of the place, if not the perfect architechure.Photo: Photo: This is a faithful diagram of the water filtration system we used for all water we drank. Overcautious? Maybe. but neither of us got sick.Photo: Gopal, a salesman we met at the Pink City shopping bazaar of Jaipur. Misha decided to make her big purchase of the day with him, and then after we had tea and talked.Photo: We went to the Raj Mandeer to see a movie we had no prior knowledge of and was not in English. Through a small ladies/gents ticket buying fiasco, we ended up with 3 tickets, and only used 2. This movie and theater and the whole thing was a fantastic experience.Photo: On the train out of Jaipur we went from being waitlisted on first class to having to push and shove to be reassigned by the emotionless train conductor -- eventually he marked us on to a few third class seats/beds so we didn't have to sleep sitting up on the overnight ride to Udaipur. -- oh, no refund of the price difference.Photo: A typical window of places in Udaipur, and a typical view of the Palace that was on the lake.Photo: Our hotel in Udaipur -- The Jaiwana Haveli -- used crazy cool locks on the doors, and the keys were all attached to large bronze elephants.Photo: Working many times at the desk of the Jaiwana Haveli was the sweetest kid. He didn't speak and English, but was sweet none-the-less. His name was Shanti Lal, and when i tried to get him to smile for a picture with me, the fiasco that ensued was one of my favorite memories of Undaipur.Photo: When looking into horseback riding and cooking classes, we ventured into a place where a pet turtle lived. when we were in its path we tried to move -- funny thing was he would turn and charge after us. then shove you with his head. i think his game was to try to annoy people into giving him good eats.Photo: Photo: At the injured animal hospital we stopped at, one of the donkeys had decided he wanted to chomp on some different grass, and was just wandering around, dragging the stake that had been hammered into the ground in the attempt to keep him in a certain area.Photo: Our cooking class was great. We learned a lot, and had fun too. It inspired us to get a great little spicebox.Photo: Trying to navigate different saffrons and different prices was an art in itself.Photo: Misha more than made up for her earlier bargaining faux pas by making an awesome deal involving tons of pants.Photo: well, yeah, maybe she doesn't!Photo: Misha and i received massages! not so fast, scot -- you go with the male masseuse and misha goes with the female. oh, we didnt tell you it was full nude and that there were no areas off limits to getting knocked around by a rough massage? tough luck, buddy.Photo: CRAZY NIGHT, which included all of this: like a dozen lizards taking down bugs on the ceiling, an ancient temple out the window to the left, a loud wedding party with fireworks out the window to the right, and a bootleg copy of James Bond Octopussy on the small TV in this restaurant where we were the ONLY customers for the night.Photo: We kept running into this couple. Multiple times, in multiple places, in multiple cities. you tell me if that is stalking!Photo: In a surreal little area, some tibetan refugees had their own little shopping zone, with a totally different feel from the surrounding city.Photo: her name was lakshmi.Photo: We met these friendly fellows and had long chats and tea with them when out of nowhere Zaheer decided to give me theme music when i was walking past him on the street. "dum dum dum dum -- this is theme music for you! bum dum dum dum..." great guys.Photo: The names of our four trains during our legs of the journey.Photo: On the train from Udaipur to Delhi on the eve before Diwali, we had a great chance meeting with Neha, who showed us videos of her sister's wedding as well as an episode of friends! also she advised us "you HAVE to go to Pizza Hut!!!!"Photo: Just a categorizing of most of the different kinds of animals we saw on our trip. and all of them seemed like they couldnt care less.Photo: We are rebels, jumping the fence to walk through connaught circle after-hours.Photo: Looking at the fireworks on Diwali were somewhat underwhelming due to the filter of the Delhi smog.Photo: For a city that is usually jam packed with people and trash alike, we were in awe of the streets on diwali that were empty of people, trash, and noise. beautiful.Photo: We started walking and just enjoyed traversing the area, even ended up (pretty much on accident) at the India Gate. great time.Photo: Finally found another south indian restaurant for misha to eat at. but it proved to be a bit above my spice level.Photo: After searching with no real idea when friends was on and on what channels, we finally found the final episode of the final season for misha. total skill.Photo: misha really wanted some kheer from room service.Photo: At super-nice confectionary store Halderam's we got a little assorted box of goodies to eat later.Photo: The strangest tuk-tuk/auto-rickshaw ride of our trip, and i got it on video.Photo: Misha really thought the airport in Delhi was one room. Really.Photo: No one was watching these two children in one of the rooms at the Delhi airport and at 3am they were screaming and throwing rocks from plants while no one did anything about it. hillarious.Photo: Really in the wrong seat with no legroom from Delhi to Thailand, and then switched with my lovely wife for a more comfortable seat from Thailand to Hong Kong.Photo: Finally back in the US of A.Photo: The nicest rupee notes i ever saw...i had to smuggle them out!Photo: backs of the notes.