49 Photos - Nov 2, 2013
Photo: Welcome to Redemption Church's 1st Trunk or Treat event!Photo: Horray!  Let's go to Trunk or Treat!
Justin with Lolo and LolaPhoto: Ahoy there, Captain Kev!  Got drums? : )Photo: Rob dons his Carolina jersey with pride.
Go Tarheels!Photo: Avast ye!  Beware of the pirate pumpkin who guards the hidden treasure chest loaded with goodies!Photo: Free candy, everyone!Photo: Such a cute lil' Mickey!Photo: Busy lil' bees--where's the bee keeper?
Stay tune and find out!Photo: Miss Snow White- so darling!Photo: The live band rocks!Photo: Grumpy isn't so grumpy with Snow WhitePhoto: Adorable lil' monkeyPhoto: Such a festive harvest scenePhoto: Lady bug and a Jester--awesome!Photo: Firefighters are our heroes!Photo: Get yer cawllege duhgree heer!Photo: Yum yum burgers and tater tots!Photo: Pastor Bob greets our visitorsPhoto: A family-fun event!Photo: So this is a lollipop?Photo: Look at the lil' Minion!Photo: Lolo and LolaPhoto: How many bites does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop?Photo: A wonderful trio: spoon, spork and fork!Photo: Another family picture?Photo: UNC rivalsPhoto: Go Harbor PC !Photo: sans LisaPhoto: Game booths were fun!Photo: Aww!  This was a pet-friendly event as well!Photo: Pirate goodiesPhoto: Skeletons and skulls didn't scare kids away from free candy!Photo: What's so unusual about Christmas in October, anyway?Photo: It's like, surfs up, dude!Photo: Popcorn, get your fresh hot popcorn!Photo: Dug in UP!Photo: Love the theme!Photo: This game booth was right on target with the kidsPhoto: Peace!Photo: A classy designPhoto: Coffee and doughnuts, anyone?Photo: Whoa!  That's lollipop #2 for you tonight!Photo: Thanks to the food mobiles...Photo: ...we were all stuffed!Photo: Never too old to play!Photo: Bzz!  The bee keeper and his cute lil' bees!Photo: A great way to end the evening! 
Thank you for helping make this a successful 1st event!Video: A great way to end the evening!
Thanks for helping make this a succesful 1st event!Video: "Again!"