175 Photos - Aug 23, 2016
Photo: Photo: Fort Benton - RM 1Photo: Lewis & Clark & Sakagewea MemorialPhoto: Photo: Replica of Lewis & Clark's Expedition River Keel BoatPhoto: Missouri River channel at Fort BentonPhoto: Common PoorwillPhoto: Yellow Warbler (M)Photo: Coal Banks camp & start - RM 41.5Photo: Photo: CaseyPhoto: RobinPhoto: Photo: Tom (from Denver) & RhodoPhoto: Little Sandy Camp - RM 46.5Photo: JeanPhoto: In foreground - original tepee circle rocks - above Little Sandy.Photo: Mountain Blue BirdPhoto: Barn SwallowPhoto: Eastern KingbirdPhoto: RonPhoto: Photo: Canada GeesePhoto: Photo: Huck & RemoPhoto: Photo: Photo: Huck & RemoPhoto: Photo: Photo: Huck, Peg, Robin & PaulPhoto: Photo: Burnt Butte - RM 55Photo: What's that critter in the water?Photo: A MuskratPhoto: JeanPhoto: White Cliffs near Eagle Creek - RM 55.7Photo: Eagle Creek Camp site - RM 56Photo: Photo: Photo: Eagle Creek overlookPhoto: Overlooking igneous Grand Natural Wall down river from Eagle Creek.Photo: Virgelle Sandstone formationsPhoto: Entrance to Neat Coulee at Eagle CreekPhoto: Photo: Helen, Robin & PhylPhoto: LaBarge Rock igneous formationPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Norma, Huck & CaseyPhoto: Neat Coulee slotPhoto: Sandstone Coulee rimPhoto: Coulee up canyonPhoto: Hidden ArchPhoto: Before the rain in PM.Photo: After the rain in AM.Photo: Eastern Screech Owl (several at campsite)Photo: Hole-In-The-Wall - RM 63.8Photo: Valley of the Walls - RM 66.5Photo: Very windy paddle down river near Dark Butte.Photo: After a very windy float - Helen, Paul & Jean at Slaughter River Camp - RM 76.8Photo: Photo: Photo: Juvenile Bald Eagle at nest.Photo: Photo: Hagadone Homestead - RM 97Photo: Photo: Peg & Helen in the old Hagadone boathouse.Photo: Photo: Typical Missouri Breaks countryPhoto: At Hegadone HomesteadPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: John & Peg point out old square nail.Photo: Photo: McClelland/Safford Ferry Camp - RM 101.8Photo: Photo: Upper campPhoto: Lower campPhoto: PegPhoto: Photo: River panoramicPhoto: Helen chases down Casey's tent blown into the river.Photo: Lunch with Peg & Norma.Photo: Robin & PhylPhoto: HelenPhoto: Photo: Gist Bottom primitive camp - RM 122.6Photo: RonPhoto: Bighorn Sheep across from Gist BottomPhoto: Photo: Photo: Gist HomesteadPhoto: Photo: Photo: Huck, Peg, John & NormaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: John at homePhoto: RhodoPhoto: Chocolate LabPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Gist HomesteadPhoto: Praire DogsPhoto: Photo: Baby Barn SwallowPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Northern FlickerPhoto: Lazuli BuntingPhoto: Adult Barn SwallowPhoto: Photo: Photo: Gist HomesteadPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Lazuli BuntingPhoto: Western MeadowlarkPhoto: Vesper SparrowPhoto: Vesper SparrowPhoto: Black-capped ChickadeePhoto: Western Wood-PeweePhoto: House WrenPhoto: Club-tail dragonflyPhoto: White-tail deer?Photo: Bighorn SheepPhoto: Gist Bottom areaPhoto: Sod covered - Nelson Homestead - RM 130Photo: Nelson HomesteadPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Lower Woodhawk camp - RM 131.2Photo: PhylPhoto: Photo: RobinPhoto: White PelicanPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Juvenile Bald EaglePhoto: Adult Bald Eagle pair at Charles M Russell NWR - RM 139Photo: Ron & RobinPhoto: HelenPhoto: Upper Missouri BreaksPhoto: Photo: Photo: Great Blue HeronPhoto: Photo: Common Mergansers (F)Photo: Photo: JohnPhoto: American AvocetsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Fred Robinson Bridge (US Hwy 191) at James Kipp RA - RM 148.8Photo: Photo: Bull Moose sighting