37 Photos - Mar 30, 2014
Photo: Rob Tillman memorial bridge and Hoover DamPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Lone Palm fallsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Arizona Hot SpringsPhoto: Photo: Photo: The ladderPhoto: Tiger Whiptail spp.Photo: Photo: Catwalk above cavePhoto: Emerald CavePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: small slotPhoto: Kaiser Springs Cyn - southPhoto: Kaiser Springs Cyn - northPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Kaiser Spring Cyn rockfallsPhoto: Photo: Kaiser Warm SpringPhoto: Burro Creek - Kaiser Spring Creek confluencePhoto: Burro Creek CynPhoto: Kaiser Warm SpringPhoto: Photo: Kaiser Springs Cyn -southPhoto: "Velvet ant"- Dasymutilla magnifica, actually a solitary wasp.  Wingless female (as shown) are known to have the most painful sting of any NA insect!Photo: Burro Creek reflections