57 Photos - Oct 17, 2013
Photo: Entrance to Long CanyonPhoto: Photo: Masked kayaker seen on Lake PowellPhoto: Hat Rock in Long's Cyn.Photo: Photo: Looking West from under Jack's ArchPhoto: Jack's ArchPhoto: Jack's Arch AlcovePhoto: Camp at cove near San Juan River confluencePhoto: Photo: Photo: Clear Creek - Escalante ArmPhoto: ReflectionsPhoto: Clear Creek alcovePhoto: Cathedral in the Desert - Clear CreekPhoto: Photo: Cathedral wallsPhoto: Cathedral lightPhoto: Upper Cathedral wallPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Cathedral waterfall cruxPhoto: Photo: Escalante Arm beach campsitePhoto: Pollywog Bench at Escalante confluencePhoto: Pollywog Bench sunsetPhoto: Cliffs at Escalante Arm confluencePhoto: Across from Escalante - dump sta. in forgroundPhoto: Navajo Mt. from Pollywog BenchPhoto: Hawaiian night on the EscalantePhoto: Escalante beach campPhoto: Really... it was that big!Photo: Guys night out...Photo: Lush Iceberg Cyn.Photo: Iceberg Cyn. end into middle forkPhoto: Iceberg Cyn middle forkPhoto: resident herpPhoto: Walk up Iceberg end south forkPhoto: Lush Canyon walkPhoto: Doug's Cathedral alcove semi circular wallsPhoto: Doug's Cathedral - south fork end, Iceberg CynPhoto: Doug's Cathedral semi circled alcove wallsPhoto: Doug's Cathedral spring flowPhoto: Looking up Iceberg Cyn middle fork passed alcove campPhoto: Iceberg Cyn middle fork Alcove campVideo: Photo: Photo: Walk to alcove cave camp at end of Iceberg Cyn.Photo: South fork entrance - Iceberg CynPhoto: Lake Powell deserted!Photo: All alone on Lake PowellPhoto: Lonely day on Lake PowellPhoto: Photo: Dawn at Hall's Crossing, Lake Powell - Henry Mts. background.Photo: Photo: