252 Photos - Mar 12, 2013
Photo: Posada LunaSol Hotel in La Paz - Orientation day.Photo: Carlos our head guide.Photo: Photo: Pichilingue Bay - Our departing point North of La Paz..Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Departing for Isla Espiritu Santo.Photo: Photo: Photo: Isla Espiritu Santo West shore.Photo: Photo: Approaching camp at Candelero Bay.Photo: Photo: Photo: Approaching sea lion rookery for snorkeling.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Within touching distance.Photo: Not a sea lion!Photo: Photo: Colorful Baja species.Photo: Playful.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Brandt's Cormorants.Photo: Photo: Too close.Photo: Photo: Cute youngster.Photo: 10 ft. down.Photo: Photo: Tunnel rock.Photo: Photo: Our boat driver is expert getting through.Photo: Photo: Camp patio and kitchen tents.Photo: Photo: Tandem kayak and tent sites.Photo: Photo: Photo: Off shore rocks at Candelero Bay.Photo: Photo: A small section of a large shell midden hundreds of years old left from indigenous island inhabitants.Photo: Photo: Photo: 1-2-3... and uhhPhoto: Climbing up the large midden area to surrounging walls.Photo: Large canyon delta.Photo: Bay overview.Photo: Erosion on pumice formed cliffs.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Natural history talk by Carlos.Photo: Palo Blanco tree.Photo: Cardon cacti species and other island flora.Photo: Photo: Photo: Canyon flood plain.Photo: View from shore across bay.Photo: Yellow-footed gull.Photo: Parrot fish skeleton.Photo: El Candelero Bay & camp on Isla Espiritu Santo West.Photo: Windy day on the island.Photo: South end of bay.Photo: North end of bay.Photo: El Candelero Bay RocksPhoto: North side canyon.Photo: Baja Ca. brush lizard - Urosaurus nigricaudus.Photo: It's happy hour!Photo: With Pacifico & piña coladas.Photo: Wasting away in tequilaville!Photo: Dawn colors.Photo: Photo: Black jackrabbit - Lepus insularis - endemic only to Isla Espiritu Santo.Photo: Jackribbit front foot track (overlap).Photo: Tracks.Photo: Sitting track.Photo: Sunset sequence.Photo: Photo: Photo: Dinner preparations in the cooks tent.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Route to the well.Photo: Candelero Well.Photo: Photo: Water not suitable for consumption.Photo: Higher up the canyon.Photo: Wild fig tree (fruit not eatable).Photo: Photo: Dry fall high in canyon.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Candelero Canyon.Photo: Photo: Photo: Sergio holds kayaking basics talk.Photo: Photo: "Paddle like Barbie and Ken dolls."Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Volcanic rock formations.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Carlos.Photo: Photo: Just another pristine island bay.Photo: Buitre on the rocks. (Spanish for vulture).Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Cliffside biodiversity.Photo: Another beautiful bay.Photo: Photo: Photo: Delta ecology.Photo: More midden laden sands.Photo: Photo: Exhaused triggerfish.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Try standing up.Photo: Photo: Or kneelboarding.Photo: Painted.Photo: Photo: Photo: Endemic starfish species.Photo: Photo: Endemic urchin species.Photo: Sea fan.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Sally Lightfoot crab.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Island transporter.Photo: Jean.Photo: La Paz waterfront stroll.Photo: Mexican version of "old man and the sea".Photo: Colorful recycling bins.Photo: Paseo Alvaro Obregon.Photo: El Malecon (La Paz water front promenade)..Photo: La Paz pier.Photo: Catedral de La Paz.Photo: Historic plaque.Photo: Cathedral alter.Photo: Town square (El Centro).Photo: Photo: El Malecon mural.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Posada LunaSol upper terrace.Photo: La Paz scene from terrace.Photo: Photo: En route to San Carlos via Hwy 1.Photo: A thirsty dog gets some luv (and water).Photo: Heading out to Magdalena Bay camp.Photo: Photo: Approaching our camp on the large bay beach.Photo: Outfitter's tents are roomy, have luxery cots, inflatable mattresses & tables.Photo: First grey whale sightings.Photo: Mother & baby (on right).Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A sideways fin wave.Photo: Photo: Hundreds of Common dolphins surround our boat.Photo: American oystercatcher.Photo: Marbeled godwit.Photo: Long-billed curlew.Photo: Shorebirds on the mudflats.Photo: Male Magnificent figatebird with fish chased by juvenile seagull.Photo: Photo: Village of Magdalena.Photo: Wilson's plover, a Baja resident.Photo: Photo: Little blue heron.Photo: Photo: Photo: snail spp.Photo: Reddish egret.Photo: So good.Photo: Night time Geography lesson.Photo: Shorebirds gather at mouth of mangrove inlet from bay.Photo: Clear mangrove waters.Photo: Least sandpiper.Photo: Snowy egrets and a heron.Photo: Black-crowned night heron.Photo: "El Boracho" - Mexican nickname for the red-eyed bird.Photo: Mangrove residents.Photo: Tricolored herons and one white ibis.Photo: Male Mangrove warbler (only resides in MX mangroves). Highlight bird find.Photo: Photo: Lesser scaup ducks.Photo: MalePhoto: Photo: Sergio and Jean.Photo: Tandem to large to squeeze into narrow channel.Photo: Double-crested cormorant.Photo: Barrier island vegetation.Photo: Photo: Home on the bay.Photo: More whales close up.Photo: Photo: Spy-hopping series.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Village scene.Photo: Daybreak on the bay.Photo: Photo: Dawn colors.Photo: Black jackrabbit - Lepus insularis - endemic only to Isla Espiritu Santo.Photo: Posada LunaSol Hotel in La Paz - Orientation day.