61 Photos - Feb 22, 2013
Photo: Playa El Colorado is 6 mi. south of Estero Tastiota.Photo: Morning at Las Cadenas Beach camp near Playa El Colorado. Casey & QCCPhoto: Steve K.Photo: First morning camp at starting point.Photo: Luci D. and her tandem.Photo: Going out.Photo: Photo: Roseate Spoonbills near camp.Photo: GBH with Frigatebirds.Photo: Camp landing at Estero.Photo: Hike on Tastiota hills.Photo: Photo: Yellow-crowned Nigh HeronPhoto: John M.Photo: Steve K.Photo: Photo: American white pelicans.Photo: "Mexican hop bush" (smells like beer hops - mmmm!)Photo: Dune composite.Photo: Photo: Norma on dry land.Photo: Bobcat hunting a big lizard?Photo: Bobcat track (double strike).Photo: Estero Tastiota opening to sea at low tide.Photo: Low tide shoals.Photo: Inner lagoons & estuary.Photo: Mainland south of Tastiota.Photo: Photo: Tidepool inhabitants.Photo: Urchins.Photo: Photo: Photo: Brown pelicans near camp site.Photo: Shallow water dives can be hazerdous to pelicans.Photo: Photo: Bonapart's gullPhoto: Steve K.Photo: Photo: Casey S. greeted by terns.Photo: Reddish egretPhoto: Black-bllied plover in winter plumage.Photo: White ibisPhoto: Great blue heronPhoto: American OystercatchersPhoto: Marbled GodwitPhoto: Long-billed CurlewPhoto: WhimbrelPhoto: BuffleheadPhoto: Laughing gull (migrant).Photo: American avocetsPhoto: Caspian terns & smaller Forster's tern.Photo: Elegant ternsPhoto: Roseate spoonbillsPhoto: Black skimmers at restPhoto: Photo: Photo: Black skimmers feed at sunset.Photo: Photo: Las Tres Virgenes peaks seen across on the Baja side.Photo: Steve knows the Baja side.Photo: Late evening arrival to camp.