10 Photos - Feb 13, 2013
Photo: Apache Lake marina launch.  Participants:Steve A.,  Mark T., Luci & Jim D., Ron P., Dee M., Tim R., Rudi L. and Norma M.Photo: A blustery wind was present but it would be at our backs, and for the present in our favor.Luci & Jim Davis tandem with RoycePhoto: Ron & "big toad" in lead with Tim in canoe and Dee.Photo: This is the stuff we came for, this is the stuff that makes it all worthwhile. Oh that we could have captured that period of our visit in a bottle for use later as well. Alas they don't make bottles like that, and that later I speak of would come soon enough. Lower Alder CanyonPhoto: Canyon walls at Apacke Lake dam.Photo: The remaining 7 of us were blessed with not only a lessening of wind that afternoon but a down right absence of it as evening approached. Yahoo! Grab your craft and enjoy the reward of moving about on a mirror like surface while down right gawking at the incredible golden evening light on towering canyon walls!Photo: We had the typical well above average evening shared around the camp fire with like minded souls. Plenty of laughs in respect to a wide range of life observations compiled by the seasoned observers gathered there. Plenty of observations as well in respect to a life freely given to the art of messing about in boats. Having said just about all there was to be said in respect to all contributing factors in the known universe those gathered adjourned to their respective sleeping zones.  Royce & LiliPhoto: Photo: Photo: