52 Photos - Feb 12, 2013
Photo: Picacho SRA campsite. (R Miller)Photo: Launch site at backwater lake north of Picacho Camp. (R Miller.)Photo: (R Miller)Photo: Phillis and Robin (D Miller)Photo: Sleeping Beauty Mt. north of river. (R Miller)Photo: On Taylor Lake. (R Miller)Photo: Luci and Jim (D Miller)Photo: Taylor Lake tower. (D Miller)Photo: Rich and ArlenePhoto: Luci and Jim relax on the river.Photo: Maria the Mermaid.Photo: DeePhoto: River rest en route to Norton's Landing.Photo: Old riverboat historical landing, circa 1880.Photo: Hard landing at Norton's.Photo: Norton's Bath House circa 1883.Photo: Old bath house and cook house.Photo: Tool shed guard.Photo: Ron and JudyPhoto: Hike at petroglyphs site.Photo: The Yuman-speaking Colorado River dwelling Native American tribes are attributed to creating an impressive array of intaglios in the Colorado River region of Arizona and California.  Intaglios are images created in the earth by scraping away layers of desert dirt.  By doing this, exposure of the durable layers of smaller stones which are locked together in a natural mosaic pattern result; this is called desert pavement.Photo: Intaglios have been dated in this area to 5000 years ago, up to the most recent estimation of 70 years ago for one piece in particular.  Intaglios or geoglyphs of these peoples are said to be created in sacred places where actual events of the god’s portrayed in them occurred.  The images are said to represent, or even embody, their Creator god, and his helpers or other gods.  The following sources deal with the geoglyphs of the area where the Yuman-speaking Indians have dwelled, and it is their people to which are attributed to creating the images hundreds or thousands of years ago.Photo: Setting out from Picacho lower dock. (D Miller)Photo: Afloat at Island Lake.Photo: Far end of Island Lake overview to river.Photo: RichPhoto: Small exit from Island Lake through a cane break into a maze of reeds.Photo: Really, there is a narrow sinuous water route through the impeneratable reeds.Photo: Lunch at the Cabin. (D Miller)Photo: Watchmen's Cabin & mining area. (D Miller)Photo: Watchmen's Cabin 1936Photo: Back in the day (AKA Miner's Cabin) on the AZ side.  For History link, go to: http://www.yumasun.com/news/cabin-73274-river-mine.htmlPhoto: Exiting cane break from Miner's Cabin lagoon.Photo: Norma M. (D Miller)Photo: RichPhoto: Luci & JimPhoto: ChuckPhoto: RickPhoto: MariaPhoto: ArlenePhoto: RichPhoto: Rudi's white-man's fire at Ferguson Lake. (D Miller)Photo: 4-mi. AZ channel below Lake Martinez en route to take out at Squaw Lake.Photo: Photo: Photo: Cheryl in and out of the narrows.Photo: RichPhoto: ArlenePhoto: MariaPhoto: Photo: Luci is happy to make it through.Photo: Rudi nears the take out on Squaw Lake.