33 Photos - Dec 17, 2012
Photo: Starting off from 4-Lane boat ramp on North end of Lake Pleasant.Photo: Overview of kayak route to Agua Fria river and Indian Mesa ruins.Photo: Maria and her companion Ladybug.Photo: Paddling the Agua Fria section.Photo: Richard the Pirate.Photo: A stand-up paddler with canine companion.Photo: Sighting Indian Mesa beyond Tule Creek on left.Photo: Setting up camp at end of navigable section of river on a large dry sand bar.Photo: Tule Creek route to Indian Mesa from Agua Fria river..... Robin Steinberg.Photo: A 2.5 mi. hike up to Indian Mesa ruins via the Cow Springs Jeep trail. We started from dry Tule Creek at 1600 ft.Photo: The last steep climb up the rocky access trail to the top of Indian Mesa at 2200 ft.Photo: Ladybug hikes to ruins..... Robin Steinberg.Photo: BLM Archaeological signage..... Robin Steinberg.Photo: Hohokam ruins dating to 1300 A.D. line the edge of the mesa, looking East. These are part of a series of several such ancient "outposts" in this area.Photo: West side Indian Mesa cliff.... Robin Steinberg.Photo: Julie at ruins..... Robin Steinberg.Photo: Looking West toward the Castle Rock Mts near Wickenburg.Photo: Hohokam 'Outpost'..... Robin Steinberg.Photo: One of sixteen rooms of Hohokam ruins on Indian Mesa..... Robin Steinberg.Photo: Hohokam pottery shards..... Robin Steinberg.Photo: Looking South to the Agua Fria river valley and further to Lake Pleasant.Photo: As seen from Indian Mesa down to Agua Fria & camp area..... Robin Steinberg.Photo: Dry Tule Creek looking East to the Agua Fria as seen from an old cow route above. From here we head West to the Jeep trail leading to Indian Mesa.Photo: Morning along the Agua Fria river. Cooled to 45 at night. But we had a nice camp fire to keep warm.Photo: Boat parking below our camp.Photo: We see wild burros along the hillside.Photo: Looking West toward the Castle Rock Mts near Wickenburg.Photo: Susan and Peggy navigate back down river.Photo: Norma and Julie share a good time in the sun.Photo: A typical bald eagle sighting on a rocky perch high on the cliffs overlooking the Agua Fria river. Our cameras did not have enough telephoto power.Photo: A close up of one of the pair of breeding bald eagles we observed on the high cliffs as we returned back to the lake. Only spotted them after hearing their unique call from across the canyon.Photo: A close-up view of a giant bald eagle nest. These nests are added to every year in preparation for the breeding season which starts on Dec. 15 annually and ends in June.Photo: This is a photo of a typical bald eagle flying over the Lake Pleasant area.