171 Photos - May 28, 2012
Photo: May 26, 2012 launch at Sand Island, UTPhoto: Photo: RudiPhoto: RonPhoto: Photo: Snowy EgretPhoto: Canadian Geese familyPhoto: At the River HousePhoto: Camp 1 landing at Big Stick.Photo: Upper Big Stick CampPhoto: Happy hourPhoto: Chinle Formation ridges behind camp area, part of the Lime Ridge Anticline.Photo: Apparent gravid female Sagebrush lizardPhoto: Feral maresPhoto: Photo: Feral stallionPhoto: Mares and coltPhoto: Black-chinned hummingbirdPhoto: Male Black-chinned with pointed tail-feathers.Photo: Found circular old rock foundation near Big Stick camp.Photo: Photo: A hike up uplifted ridge line reveals the Mule Ear & Chinle Creek panorama across the river. Looking WestPhoto: Photo: Comb Ridge to the East.Photo: Photo: Windgate Sandstone formations across river with deep caves above,Photo: Photo: Ned inspects the interesting double wall rock structure.Photo: Photo: Tina and Ned toe the Chinle ridge line.Photo: Photo: Ned and RudiPhoto: Julie and NormaPhoto: Photo: Floating by the Mule Ear.Photo: Uplifted Lime Ridge anticline is exposed.Photo: Smile CaseyPhoto: Photo: NedPhoto: RudiPhoto: Below Four Foot rapid.Photo: Cat-man StevePhoto: Dory-man Ron at Four Foot rapid.Photo: Photo: Black-hat NedPhoto: Photo: Honaker Trail formation dives below river.Photo: Limestone layers dwarf Rudi.Photo: Tina rides Eight Foot rapid.Photo: Cat-man, too.Photo: Below Ledge Rapid.Photo: Photo: Photo: Up river from Mexican Hat RockPhoto: Sulphur Springs at the big bend above Mex. Hat camp.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Mike approaching Mexican Hat camp (aka "John Wayne" camp).Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Dory parking at Mexican Hat campPhoto: Photo: We climb up that?Photo: Side-blotched LizardPhoto: High hill behind camp we trek up to view annular eclipse before sunset.Photo: Someone's up on top.Photo: Looking down on camp already in the canyon's shadow.Photo: Photo: Photo: Unknown shrub.Photo: View of Raplee Anticline from upper level. River cuts down through the anticline.Photo: View Southeast from the highest hill above river at 4500 ft.Photo: Looking East.Photo: Looking Northeast.Photo: Looking North. River cuts through canyon below Lime Creek.Photo: Looking Northwest and seeing the old overland Drill Hole mine road.Photo: Looking West toward the sun before the eclipse. Distant Cedar Mesa forms the horizon line.Photo: Ned, Tina, Steve and Casey await the viewing of the complete "ring of fire" annular eclipse amid the darkening landscape.Photo: An image of the eclipse is projected through a small hole in a piece of paper through to another paper held at the right distance & angle to see the darkening sphere of light.Photo: Colors of the surrounding landscape become more muted as the eclipse becomes complete.Photo: A very dark piece of rectangular arc welder's glass is used to view the eclipse at full annular coverage. The glass was put over my camera's lens, the camera focused at infinity to catch the eclipse image and a bright reflection bounced off the glass at the same time the photo was taken and was superimposed below the image. Very strange!Photo: Photo: "Kokopaddlers" dance.Photo: Before the sun sets.Photo: Photo: Mike char grills our steaks.Photo: Photo: Photo: Rigging to leave, next stop - Mexican Hat.Photo: Stop at the boat ramp.Photo: Tina returns from a store run to resupply goodies & pop for the boys.Photo: Casey says 'Where's the Coke?"Photo: Nice looking dory.Photo: JuliePhoto: Norma stuffs that ice cream down.Photo: Approaching Mexican Hat Bridge - US 163Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A body?Photo: Oh... it's Tina!Photo: Down Dog on a duck.Photo: Duck YogaPhoto: Photo: Desert BighornPhoto: Down to the Goosenecks.Photo: Can you see the Goosenecks Overlook ramada?Photo: Photo: Looking up to the Overlook from river level.Photo: Photo: More Bighorn grazing on willow.Photo: Photo: Bighorn track.Photo: Lunch stop at "John's"?Photo: Photo: Photo: Doryman finds some white water.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Two-in. Dragonfly nymph that washed aboard the dory from a big wave at Ledge rapid.Photo: En route to Honaker Trail canyon.Photo: A Great Basin Gopher Snake attacking a Say's Phoebe nest with a 2-week old chick.Photo: Parent birds were attacking the snake to no avail. The constrictor devoured the happless chick in less than a minute. Snake was almost four feet long and very hungry.Photo: Bighorn were seen at several locations during our trip to Clay Hills. They are healthy and multiplying. Many have radio collars and ear tags.Photo: Arriving at Honaker Trail camp. Lunch is served.Photo: Ron will repair his dory's oarlock that broke off at Ledge rapid. It will be better than before for the remainder of the trip.Photo: Steve starts down Government Rapid, class III.Photo: Oops, an oar catapults away... what, no leash?Photo: Tina not only takes her duck down, but also takes Norma's duck down the Government. She was having too much fun.Photo: Ned pushes forward.Photo: Photo: Mike backs down.Photo: Looking back at the Government boulder pile.Photo: Margaritaville on Mike's raft at Slickhorn A camp.Photo: Tina, the buckets go down river. Where's the bucket brigade?Photo: Sunrise at Slickhorn APhoto: Casey, Steve & Larry are departing for Clay Hills a day early.Photo: Two fisted Coke for Steve and the long haul out.Photo: Departure party.Photo: Larry's hardshell, fastest boat on the river.Photo: Seldom seen Larry takes off.Photo: Casey on liquid gold.Photo: Why is the cat-man smiling? No wind today.Photo: Bon voyage...Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Heading out for Oljeto Camp.Photo: Oljeto Wash boat parking.Photo: The river is rising. Water is being released from the Dam up river.Photo: Very windy day of paddling & rowing. Glad to stop at Oljeto.Photo: Looking down river.Photo: Photo: A large protected area behind the tammies served as a nice kitchen area.Photo: Oljeto CanyonPhoto: Morning colors.Photo: Photo: Steer Gulch.Photo: Norma and Rudi explore Steer Gulch for a short time.Photo: High muddy water runs fast and deep covering the sand bars, a great ride to the finish.Photo: Photo: Photo: Approaching Red House Cliffs and the Clay Hills take out.Photo: No paddling required today.Video: Video clip Ned's FloatVideo: Video clip Dory FloatVideo: Video clip IK Float to Clay Hills