41 Photos - Jun 30, 2011
Photo: Blue Ridge Res. south arm (aka, Gen. Springs Cyn.)Photo: Great Blue Heron.Photo: Common Merganser family.Photo: MaryPhoto: Steve M.Photo: The Moore camp.Photo: Steve and ClairePhoto: No sunburn on dad's ear today.Photo: Norma & Steve A. hike to find the Battle of Big Dry Wash monument.Photo: Boaters paddle to the monument on the north arm (aka, East Clear Creek).Photo: AlanPhoto: JudyPhoto: Steve A.Photo: Jacob (Steve's grandson).Photo: JudyPhoto: Alan & StevePhoto: Splash time.Photo: Landing at Big Dry Wash battle site (on East Clear Creek).Photo: JacobPhoto: Monument plaque with battle narrative.Photo: Monument plaque with names of all cavalry troops involved in battle.Photo: Sailor StevePhoto: Sandy & AlanPhoto: JacobPhoto: Ron M. in his "Penguino".Photo: Norma rows Ron's recently constructed dory.Photo: Alan & SandyPhoto: Ron G. catches a rainbow.Photo: Jacob catches a big one (first time).Photo: Photo: The kitchen.Photo: Big fish fry. Total of eleven trout caught by Ron G., Jacob, Steve M., and son Keegan.Photo: Steve A.Photo: Mary, Claire, Keegan and Steve MoorePhoto: Chipmunks were many, bold & fat.Photo: Blue Ridge Dam, water level 15 ft. below spillway.Photo: Early AM reflections on the south arm.Photo: Photo: Morning gathering before leaving camp.Photo: Ron M. rows a variety of camp gear back out with the big boat.Photo: