58 Photos - Jun 4, 2011
Photo: Navajo Bridge at Colorado River below Lees Ferry.Photo: Lees Ferry Landing by Tim Connelly.Photo: Lees Ferry boat ramp - waiting for our shuttle.Photo: Loading boats & gear on motorized rafts.Photo: Raft shuttle up river to put-in below dam.Photo: Shuttles speed up river at up to 20 mph fully loaded.Photo: Unloading at small beach about 1/4 mi. from Glen cyn. dam.Photo: Loading up for take off.Photo: Wooden river dory loaded up.Photo: Ron Miller rows his dory, river flowing at 21000 cfs that weekend.Photo: Tim Connelly.Photo: Brad the fisherman.Photo: Ron Probst in good form.Photo: Mindy.Photo: Helen Deluga.Photo: Bob Schoen.Photo: Norma Miller finds a riverside spring.Photo: Look ma... no paddle.Photo: Canyon dry fall.Photo: Dory a drift.Photo: Helen.Photo: Landing at the petroglyph site.Photo: At the pet. wall.Photo: The ancient. Photo by Tim Connelly.Photo: Photo by Tim Connelly.Photo: Young spiny lizard.Photo: Ron P. and Bob. By Tim Connelly.Photo: Some riffles.Photo: Landing at Horseshoe Bend camp.Photo: Brad and a Pabst.Photo: Norma and a Modus Hop.Photo: Mindy.Photo: Bob and Helen on the dory river lounge.Photo: Ron has a brew before the Uncle Ben's.Photo: Tim doing the Mulligan.Photo: Bob dry docked.Photo: Horseshoe Bend Campsite - cliffs across river where the famous Horseshoe Bend overview is located. We could see people the size of ants looking spying us, wishing they were down here. Photo by Tim Connelly.Photo: Horseshoe Bend landscape view. By Tim Connelly.Photo: Desert mallow in bloom.Photo: Desert evening primrose still open in shade.Photo: Brad and Mindy share the moment.Photo: Tim.Photo: Helen.Photo: Canyon scene. By Tim Connelly.Photo: Helen and Ron P. By Tim Connelly.Photo: Ron M. escorts Mindly down the emerald waters.Photo: Wind makes Ron row harder.Photo: Norma uses Mindy's kayak (it's more fun).Photo: Picnic site across from Waterpockets Cyn.Photo: Landing at Waterpockets Cyn. on slickrock.Photo: Lunch at Waterpockets landing.Photo: A walk up canyon.Photo: An acoustic measuring device found in the canyon.Photo: Canyon walls.Photo: Upper canyon hike.Photo: Lower canyon area.Photo: Photo: