112 Photos - Feb 3, 2009
Photo: panoramic of JerusalemPhoto: We are walking the old stone streets to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. This stone pavement is from the time of Christ.Photo: Photo: This is the column outside the entrance to the Church of the Holy Resurrection where the Holy Fire came out on Pascha when the Armenians had locked the Orthodox outside of the church. The Holy Fire came from this column and lit the candle of the Orthodox patriarch who was standing outside with the faithful.Photo: Photo: place where Mary Magdalene saw Christ after the resurrectionPhoto: icon St. Mary of Egypt sawPhoto: prison of ChristPhoto: place where Christ was held overnightPhoto: Photo: St. Joachim and Anna's house where Panagia was bornPhoto: BethesdaPhoto: EmmausPhoto: baptistery at EmmausPhoto: our group at EmmausPhoto: St. George in Lod (Lydda)Photo: Church in LodPhoto: Church of St. George in LodPhoto: tomb of St. GeorgePhoto: Photo: exterior of the church of St. George, a mosque is adjacent as the Muslims also venerate St. GeorgePhoto: NazarethPhoto: The place of the EvangelismosPhoto: Cana Galilee, the cisterns Christ used when He performed His first miracle.Photo: Church in Cana GalileePhoto: Sea of GalileePhoto: Mt. BeatitudesPhoto: reading the Beatitudes on the mountainPhoto: Church of the Beatitudes (owned by the Latins)Photo: Photo: Sea of GalileePhoto: on a boat in the Sea of GalileePhoto: Church of the Twelve ApostlesPhoto: Filakes Tafou!Photo: monument (Latin) to St. PeterPhoto: ruins of the ancient synagoguePhoto: We met Metropolitan Ambrosios (Father's former classmate) and his group from Korea at the Jordan River.Photo: the Jordan RiverPhoto: about to become hadjiPhoto: Photo: Mt. TaborPhoto: Orthodox church on Mt. TaborPhoto: inside of the churchPhoto: Father reading the Gospel account of the TransfigurationPhoto: Mt. Tempation or 40 Day MountainPhoto: Mt. Temptation is where Christ spent 40 days after His baptism.Photo: on top of the mountain in the monasteryPhoto: Fr. Gerasimos, the caretaker of the monasteryPhoto: the rock which Christ sat upon in the wildernessPhoto: Notice the caves along the mountainside.Photo: an icon at the monastery of St. Gerasimos of the JordanPhoto: courtyard of the Church of the ResurrectionPhoto: celebrating liturgy in the church of St. JamesPhoto: inside the tomb of Christ.Photo: blessing of the watersPhoto: on top of the Jerusalem PatriarchatePhoto: our acolyte friend MarcosPhoto: at the Jordan on TheophanyPhoto: releasing the dovePhoto: This is the ruined and abandoned monastery of the Prodromos at the actual baptismal site. It is now in "no-man's" land between the border of Israel and Jordan. It is surrounded by fields of land mines and was heavily bombed by the Israelis.Photo: Monastery of the ProdromosPhoto: BethanyPhoto: tomb of Lazarus in BethanyPhoto: inside the tomb of Lazarus (owned by a Muslim family)Photo: our new friend MaskootPhoto: TheophanyPhoto: up in the bell tower of the Church of the ResurrectionPhoto: our friend Marcos againPhoto: This is the view from the upper balconies in the Church of the Holy Resurrection looking down on the patriarchal liturgy. Directly below is the tomb (being used as the proskomide and outer chapel of the angels being used as the altar) and the faithful gathered outside.Photo: procession on TheophanyPhoto: view from the roofPhoto: "If you die before you die, you won't die when you die." This is at the monastery of St. Symeon in Katamon.Photo: Monastery of the Holy CrossPhoto: inside of the church in Ein KaremPhoto: Ein Kerem, birthplace of St. John the BaptistPhoto: our group after vespers for the synaxis of St. John the Baptist with Fr. Xariton, the caretaker of the monasteryPhoto: EgyptPhoto: Photo: a Bedouin selling rocks for $1Photo: Holy Trinity Church at the peak of Mt. SinaiPhoto: the cave where Moses received the LawPhoto: sunrisePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: bells of St. Katherine's.Photo: St. SavasPhoto: relics of St. SavasPhoto: cave of St. Savas in the cliffPhoto: actual place the angels came and pronounced the good news to the shepherdsPhoto: Fr. Ignatios at the Shepherd's Field monasteryPhoto: Church of the NativityPhoto: Photo: Photo: the biggest "filakes tafou" sign we foundPhoto: Nidel and ChristopherPhoto: tomb of St. PelagiaPhoto: ancient Church of the Ascension (owned by the Muslims)Photo: Fr. Ioachim at the monastery at the Mt. of OlivesPhoto: praying at the Mt. of OlivesPhoto: Fr. Ion holding a photo of Fr. Ioachim's mother, new-martyr AnastasiaPhoto: the miraculous Pantocrator that crushed the bulldozer razing the ChurchPhoto: new martyr AnastasiaPhoto: location of the first and second finding of the head of St. John the BaptistPhoto: Israelis block all entrances to mosques in Jerusalem on Fridays (Muslim's holy day). Only men over 50 and under 15 are allowed into the mosques. This was a rather peaceful protest.Photo: The Golden GatePhoto: Tomb of the PanagiaPhoto: The Jerusalem TheotokosPhoto: St. Mary Magdalene convent built by Czar NicholasPhoto: ancient (over 2000 years old) olive treesPhoto: relics of St. MelaniaPhoto: Look who is driving!