27 Photos - Jul 9, 2012
Photo: Photo: 65 inch Panasonic Plasma.  It looks bigger in the room than in this picture.  Also showing my new Axiom M80 towers and VP180 center.Photo: Photo: Photo: QS8's for side surrounds and QS4's for the rear.Photo: Photo: Grills off the M80's and VP180.Photo: Photo: My old DIY sub.  It gets the job done for now.Photo: Photo: Special place for my Logitech 880 to charge.Photo: The HT room is all controlled with Insteon switches.  I can use my Logitech remote via IR or Android app on my phone and tablet to control everything.Photo: A look to the rear of the HT opens into a small hallway.  Bathroom and utility room access.Photo: Installed a small bar and cabinets.Photo: Tucked our "beer fridge" into the wall.  Will replace it with a stainless in the future.Photo: A look at the equipment closet from the front.  Top to bottom:
Upstairs living room AVR (Onkyo)
Basement HT AVR (HK)
Basement HTPC/Virtual WHS 2011
Upstairs living room HTPCPhoto: The entire cabinet slides forward allowing for easy access behind.Photo: A look into the equipment closet from the girls playroom.  Yes I put a keyed lock on the door.  :DPhoto: Photo: Can see the sliding mechanism.Photo: Pretty much the entire house's AV terminates here including two dedicated 20amp circuits.Photo: Just in case it gets hot I put a 110CFM fan in there.Photo: With the cabinet pushed back in place.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: