22 Photos - Aug 23, 2010
Photo: My second complete scroll, for my apprentice-sister, Camille des Jardins. That was a lot of gold!Photo: My first complete scroll, calligraphy, gold & paint. Thomas du Winterwade's QoC.Photo: Nicolas de Olivares' Grand Master Bowman scroll. I did the calligraphy only. In the style of a page from the Book of the Hunt by Gaston Phoebus. Illumination by Camille des Jardins.Photo: Iain of Malagentia's Grand Master Bowman. I believe this is the second "official" scroll I did calligraphy for. Illumination by Camille des Jardins.Photo: Third or fourth scroll I did calligraphy for, illumination also by Camille.Photo: One of my first attempts to copy the hand from a period source: The Prayer Book of Michelino da Besozzo. Illumination by Galen of Blackthorn.Photo: Calligraphy for my first Peerage scroll, in the style of a woodcut by Albrect Durer. Illustrations by Mistress Carolyne de la Pointe.Photo: Photo: AoA done for an amazingly talented young woman in our scriptorium here in Malagentia. Calligraphy in the Gothic quadrata prescisus (flat bottomed letters, rather than pointed).Photo: Detail shot of Nicolas' GMB calligraphy. Illumination by Lady Camille des Jardins.Photo: The finished calligraphy for Elgiva Wilhelm's AoA. Handed off to Lady Honig von Sommer for illumination.Photo: The inspiration for Elgiva's AoA. My calligraphy is definitely not an exact copy, but I tried to keep the same letterforms.Photo: Veronica's Tyger's Cub, calligraphy. That's a drafting pencil for scale. I used a 0.5 mm Brause calligraphy nib and Windsor & Newton sepia calligraphy ink on thick off-white Pergamenata.Photo: Veronica's Tyger's Cub with sketching and ink applied.Photo: Veronica's Tyger's Cub with gold leaf applied, ruler and quarter for scale.Photo: Veronica's Tyger's Cub with the first color of the vines down.Photo: Veronica's Tyger's Cub with the dark color applied.Photo: Veronica's Tyger's Cub with the base pink coloring applied.Photo: Veronica's Tyger's Cub next to the inspiration.Photo: The finished Tyger's Cub scroll for my niece, Veronica Vesalius. The illuminated area is less than 5" by 7".Photo: The period inspiration for Robert's Silver Crescent.Photo: Silver Crescent for Robert Toxophilus of Werchesope. Words by Mistress Anastasia Gutane. Mitchell #5 nib using Windsor Newton sepia ink on pergamenata. I painted the Silver Crescent as well.