38 Photos - Jul 2, 2014
Photo: My bike with my luggage wrapped up and ready for a rain ride.Photo: Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts.Photo: Ocean going ship at anchor in the St Lawrence.Photo: St Lawrence river, you can still see over it at this point, later the far shore is beyond the horizon.Photo: Trois Riveres bridge.Photo: Another viewpoint.Photo: Confederation bridge to Prince Edward Island.Video: Photo: Arisaig Marina and fishing boats.Photo: Bringing in the day's catch of lobster.Photo: TimelapsePhoto: River valley in Cape Breton.Photo: Cape Breton highlands along the Cabot Trail, very scenic and a fun ride.Photo: Battlements and cannon.Photo: Soldiers accommodation.  Rough floor, but large fireplace and thick walls.Photo: Battlements with cannon.Photo: Main street at Louisbourg Fortress.Photo: Fortress at Louisbourg dwellings.Photo: Louisbourg fortress chapel with a painting of the King of France behind the altar.  The message is clear, the King and God are best buddies.Photo: I couldn't get on the first ferry, no reservations, so I took a side trip to the fortress at Louisbourg.Photo: The ferry.Photo: Timelapse of the foggy seas between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.Photo: Loading the ferry at Sydney Nova Scotia, view from the window of my berth, I was at the front of the ship.  Most berths are windowless so I counted myself fortunate.Photo: Comfy berth on the ferry to Port aux Basques.  I watched 2 world cup games there.Photo: Icebergs outside of St John's harbour.Photo: Signal Hill overlooking St John's Newfoundland.Photo: A wider vista of St John's Newfoundland.Photo: St John's Newfoundland harbour.Photo: Whale Watchers B&B.  This was a welcome place to stop the day before as it was a steady downpour and 10C.Photo: Saw lots of windmills on this trip, all were spinning and working hard generating electricity.Photo: And another view.Photo: Another view of Placentia Newfoundland.Photo: A different look at Placentia Newfoundland.  I had time to kill waiting for the ferry, so I rode around a bit.Photo: Placentia Newfoundland from old battlements on the heights.Photo: Ferry leaving Placentia Newfoundland heading for Sydney Nova ScotiaPhoto: Timelapse of Tributary off the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia.  This was over 20 minutes or so.Photo: Tributary off the Bay of Fundy in Nova ScotiaPhoto: Equestrian workout in Lake Placid NY