26 Photos - Mar 22, 2012
Photo: Welcome to Brookshire's store #30!! Hubby works at this store as the Assistant Market Manager so we're here quite often. The Boy has recently noticed the Coinstar kiosk and wanted to "play" the game, so we told him to start saving up coins he found around the house and we would let him play. **I have been paid (at Coinstar’s request) to try and then blog about Coinstar’s products/services as part of a Collective Bias shopper insights study. All opinions are my own.Photo: This is The Boy so proud that he has saved up his coins. We transferred all the coins from both banks into a plastic tub for ease of carrying. He's telling me here that I forgot to get the coins out of his Chuck E Cheese coin keychain.Photo: He's raring to go and head held high he managed to get a few steps ahead of us. Don't worry, though, we all looked for oncoming cars!!Photo: Here's the famous Coinstar machine!! Hubby and I actually noticed that just recently PayPal was added to the kiosk and a new sign showed up on the side. We were intrigued because we're fairly new to PayPal with my blogging and have wondered how we would access the funds if we weren't buying online. In addition to getting a PayPal debit card, this is a great way to add/withdraw funds!!Photo: The Coinstar in Brookshire's store #30 is just inside the door, near the checkouts. The bright screen is always flashing a new message that is very eye-catching. The front panel has a picture of several coins falling and The Boy loves them!! This is the startup screen for the Coinstar kiosk.Photo: These are the two banks that The Boy uses to save all of his coins. The piggy he got from his Uncle Brad when he was born and Noah's Ark he got for his 3rd birthday from Granny!!Photo: This is our view of the Coinstar machine from the checkout. You can see how bright and attractive it is...and why The Boy was so drawn to it. It's the brightest machine with flashing videos and signage to attract attention.Photo: This is what The Boy sees and why he was so excited to save up his coins!!Photo: The start menu - Get Started!!Photo: If you don't already have a PayPal account, you can open one right at the Coinstar kiosk!!Photo: I just entered my PayPal email address and hit enter to help Coinstar find my account.Photo: After entering the PayPal account email address, the kiosk quickly found the account and it's time to add the coins!!Photo: Choose an option: Add coins to PayPal, Add bills to PayPal, or Withdraw from PayPal.Photo: During this trip, we're adding coins to the PayPal account and we've told The Boy that he will get a "paper" (i.e. receipt) that tells him how much money he saved up for his own toy.Photo: The Boy wanted to add one coin at a time, but Daddy showed him that you can just dump them in all at once. The dumped the tub of coins in the hopper and it started counting away!!Photo: Dumping the coins turned out to be quite amusing!!Photo: The Boy wanted to be strong and hold up the hopper himself so Daddy just helped him move the coins while he held it up.
More fun cartoons flashed on the screen and a count started, showing how many of each coin had been run through the machine so far.Photo: The wait was exciting, but strong boy kept holding the hopper up!!Photo: The Boy started to noticed that the machine was showing him his money amounts and counting so he checked in to see how much was in there.Photo: Look how much he saved - $12.85!! That was just in a couple of weeks!! The screen tells us the number of each coin that was found and then the total. I really like that this coin conversion only costs $0.81, too!!Photo: This is the Happy Dance when a few pennies came out of the discarded hopper. At this point, The Boy thought this was his "prize" for putting in all those coins...poor baby didn't have a clue!!Photo: The Boy and his paper are headed to Wal-Mart for a brand new toy!!Photo: The Boy talks about his Coinstar PayPal experience on our YouTube channel.Photo: This is the toy that The Boy chose to use his money on at Wal-Mart!! Spiderman Web Shooter!! Mommy was excited that he wanted the one that only shoots strings, and not that messy silly string!!Photo: One last thing before heading home to make a movie - The Boy LOVES to get his hair cut (and he needed it) so we took him to his favorite place, SportClips, to get a new "do" for his YouTube premier!!Photo: