8 Photos - Apr 27, 2013
Photo: Kevin Laybourn KI6KIU tries his hand with the Flex-1500 running JT65 digital mode on 14 MHz.Photo: Earl Wilson K6GPB sets up an Elecraft KX1 QRP TransceiverPhoto: Earl Wilson K6GPB copying Morse Code on the Elecraft KX1Photo: Earl Wilson K6GPB calling CQ TTF on the Elecraft KX1Photo: Kevin Laybourn listens as Earl Wilson K6GPB calls CQ TTFPhoto: The N6NA QRP station used this magnetic loop antenna during the 2013 QRP To The Trails Contest.  The club station operated portable near Historic Folsom, CA, the 1860 terminus of the Pony Express and the 1856 terminus of the historic Sacramento Valley Railroad.  Using a Flex-1500 5 watt transceiver and this antenna, we contacted NSØTA Summits on The Air station WØ/FR-063 atop Mount Herman, Colorado.Photo: Earl Wilson K6GPB answers a call with the Elecraft KX1Photo: River City ARCS Spring Picnic at Lew Howard Park, Folsom, CA