33 Photos - Apr 27, 2014
Photo: Dickey Peak in the morning. Approach is the west ridge.Photo: Parking here. Later the road was a river of melting snow.Photo: UnderwayPhoto: Easter Sunshine!Photo: Snow and sun is my favorite comboPhoto: There was a little epic postholing along the way in placesPhoto: Photo: We considered a snow approach but temps were warming fast.Photo: Based on a watercolor at the gas station, these are the Three Sisters.Photo: Broken snow patches along the route meant all the toys toted were used.Photo: Scree looks so flat from abovePhoto: Looking back toward Willow Creek pass.Photo: GainingPhoto: Snow and rockPhoto: Top of the route. We'll be traveling on the backside of this ridge.Photo: Crampons make for easier travel.Photo: Last few steps to the summit.Photo: At the top, Borah greets us.Photo: Splattski!Photo: What goes up, must come down....Photo: We were on "point" from here to the summit.Photo: We thought the snow might be too thin....Photo: The screeway down wouldn't have been bad either....Photo: ...but it was just perfect!Photo: More frequent postholing on the way down...Photo: Close to where we took off our snowshoes.Photo: My GF beer is from Belgium. Expensive and well earned.Photo: We took the far left ridge up and took the adjacent glissade down.Photo: This is the turnoff for Dickey Peak, with Borah in the background.Photo: Classic!Photo: Climbing profilePhoto: W-NW RoutePhoto: W-NW Route 3D