14 Photos - Feb 9, 2013
Photo: building tent at Canaan Village in Yatta, South Hebron HillPhoto: Heavy IOF presence at Canaan VillagePhoto: Our land is our right - Canaan VillagePhoto: Braving for skunk water from IOFPhoto: IOF dispatches skunk water cannonPhoto: IOF aimed skunk water cannon at the tent of Canaan VillagePhoto: IOF kidnapped journalistPhoto: IOF attempted to kidnap unarmed female villagerPhoto: More IOF kidnapping of unarmed friends of PalestinePhoto: Villagers protecting other villagers from kidnapped by IOFPhoto: Illegal Israeli caravan (outpost) on Palestinian land in YattaPhoto: A Palestinian Red Crescent medic (shown on the 7th person from the left) was kidnapped by IOF (he was later released according to sources)Photo: Two Israeli intelligence officers came to Canaan Village in unmarked SUVPhoto: Besides a tent, people are building stone house in Canaan Village