135 Photos - Apr 14, 2014
Photo: Starting out.Photo: Downtown Holland MIPhoto: Big Red lighthouse, HollandPhoto: Photo: Beer capital, HollandPhoto: Lakeshore life, Holland MIPhoto: Padnos recycling works, HollandPhoto: Padnos worksPhoto: Paper to be recycled, Padnos worksPhoto: Paper to go through the pulper, HollandPhoto: Holland kitschPhoto: The rewards of travelPhoto: Photo: Hope College, HollandPhoto: HollandPhoto: HollandPhoto: Photo: The airport where we didn't land, downtown HollandPhoto: En route to Sioux FallsPhoto: Iowa somewherePhoto: IowaPhoto: Airshow at Sioux Falls Joe Fosse airportPhoto: En route Sioux Falls - St Paul, to pick up Marketplace teamPhoto: Missouri River, in South DakotaPhoto: Photo: Not sure where this wasPhoto: Flags, Burlington schoolPhoto: With Marketplace team, downtown Sioux FallsPhoto: Photo: DTSF, Downtown Sioux FallsPhoto: Meditation area, Black Hills SDPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Missouri River againPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: House prices, Rapid CityPhoto: Pinedale, Wyoming, site of energy boomPhoto: PinedalePhoto: Rapid City downtownPhoto: Photo: WyomingPhoto: Photo: Photo: BurlingtonPhoto: Photo: Photo: Taxiing into -- Cheyenne? Not surePhoto: Daniels, WYPhoto: Photo: Energy boom, WyomingPhoto: Photo: Ben and Jerry's HQPhoto: Transport options, Burlingon (I think)Photo: Lake ChamplainPhoto: Maryland, not far north of DCPhoto: Md-Pa countrysidePhoto: Photo: Hills in coal country Pennsylvania, with wind turbinesPhoto: Alchemist brewery, VTPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Burlington diversityPhoto: America's nicest airport, with its manager (and visitor), Burlington VTPhoto: Photo: Photo: Burlington refugee gardensPhoto: Eastport, looking toward CampobelloPhoto: Eastport, windy and coldPhoto: Maine pulp heading to China, EastportPhoto: Photo: Photo: Eastport downtownPhoto: Salmon farmingPhoto: Photo: EastportPhoto: Photo: Over Eastport / Lubec / CampobelloPhoto: Maine coastPhoto: Photo: Redlands orange groves, east of townPhoto: At Hangar 24, with founder Ben Cook (center) and Kai RyssdalPhoto: RedlandsPhoto: Grove school, RedlandsPhoto: Bob Knight, at left, working to preserve orange grovesPhoto: Packing house, RedlandsPhoto: Photo: Where I grew upPhoto: Photo: Greenville SCPhoto: Greer SCPhoto: Governor's School, GreenvillePhoto: Photo: GreenvillePhoto: 'Conservative Talk 94.5,' where I did a public radio segmentPhoto: Photo: Back from Georgia toward DC, in winterPhoto: Upstream Potomac (I think), during Polar VortexPhoto: Photo: Allendale, with crop dusterPhoto: Over SavannahPhoto: Photo: Photo: St. Marys GAPhoto: Photo: OkefenokeePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Marshland of coastal GeorgiaPhoto: Venice Florida, I thinkPhoto: Up the Atlantic coast of FloridaPhoto: St. Marys, downtownPhoto: Photo: Historic downtown of St MarysPhoto: Toward the marshes, St MarysPhoto: Photo: Downtown FresnoPhoto: Photo: Mariani Nut Company, Winters CAPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Downtown WintersPhoto: Sustainable nut farming, Lester family farm, WintersPhoto: Photo: Hearing about 'Plein Air' art festival in Winters CAPhoto: Nut orchards, WintersPhoto: