75 Photos - Sep 7, 2012
Photo: Cables up to La BuetPhoto: Photo: Quite fun, though I gripped the cables tightly ...Photo: La Buet summit!Photo: And down the other side. Steep.Photo: Precarious ridge ... just on the other side was a 1500ft drop. One can see the trailcontinue further down.Photo: Not fast moving here.Photo: Photo: First sunrise!Photo: Photo: Photo: HmmmmmmmPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: La Buet - some racers seeking relief from the wind.Photo: Where exactly does it go down ...?Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Little bit of Nepal here.Photo: Photo: Towards the Emosson dam.Photo: And ... we're tourists!Photo: Rugged? Nah. Much later ...Photo: Col de LanePhoto: More ladders and cables.Photo: Photo: Tried to quit with this race official. Got acknowledgement with bell and lick. Later on though noone knew anything about it.Photo: Daniel and I are working with a filemanager on a rooted Android phone to copy some gpx files around.Photo: Photo: Photo: I think that's going to col de LanePhoto: Bit on the steep side.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: More chains! Highly welcome ...Photo: Photo: Photo: We would hear raging rivers all though the coming night ... eerie, hellish!Photo: Massive glacierPhoto: Glacier river explodes from a hole in the rock.Photo: Crazy wild glacier river!Photo: We both independently thought this was a vulture or some bird.Photo: Photo: The man and the mountain!Photo: Rif. Champillon. Great food and nonsensical discussions, because we were all very tired.Photo: Col. ChampillonPhoto: Most streams were raging.Photo: Trashy fashionPhoto: Crazy blue-green colors ... alien.Photo: Looks like we came straight out of hell ...Photo: And we're going back ...Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Weight limit ...Photo: Photo: Photo: Dolonne.Photo: On the way to Col de FursPhoto: Winter!Photo: The ascent in the snow was hard ...Photo: Mud Slushie!Photo: Photo: En route to Col de SeignePhoto: Photo: Towards col du FursPhoto: OminousPhoto: Full-on winter landscapePhoto: Coming down Col BonhommePhoto: And just like that, it's summer again.Photo: Glimpse of a valleyPhoto: Aftermath