22 Photos - Mar 17, 2012
Photo: Winning Shell Number: 670

1. A drawing on Canvas of a Baobab tree, the national symbol of Senegal, Lac Rose, March 2012Photo: Winning Shell Number: 835

2. A wooden giraffePhoto: Winning Shell Number: 614

3. A traditional African puppet handmade by a woman at Lac Rose, SenegalPhoto: Winning Shell Number: 224

4. Calabas - An instrument that is a dried pumpkin - the seeds make a nice sound when shaking itPhoto: Winning Shell Number: 827

5. A drum made in SenegalPhoto: Winning Shell Number: 277

6. Jam from bissap flower from SenegalPhoto: Winning Shell Number: 113

7. Art on a cow's hornetPhoto: Winning Shell Number: 351

8. Instrument made from a pumpkin and 6 metal stringsPhoto: Winning Shell Number: 970

9. African jewlery made of coconutPhoto: Winning Shell Number: 496

10. Sand painting on wood depicting a woman carrying a baby making a sort of cous cousPhoto: Winning Shell Number: 573

11. Sand painting on wood depicting life in an African villagePhoto: Winning Shell Number: 608

12. Sand painting black and white on wood depicting life in a villagePhoto: Winning Shell Number: 459

13. Shells and green pearl lucky key holderPhoto: Winning Shell Number: 939

14. Shells and red pearl lucky keyholderPhoto: Winning Shell Number: 328

15. Sea shell from SenegalPhoto: Winning Shell Numbers: 736, 530

16. Sea shells from Senegal Shell islandPhoto: 17. Man and woman ebony figures. This wall hanging set is a symbolic expression of a couple, portraying the importance and significance of love, marriage and family.
[NOT part of the lotery - Will be given to a sponsor of a Velo afrique giver that gets married in 2012]Photo: 18. Senegalese jewlery with ebony wood
[NOT part of the lottery - will be given to my mother & sister]Photo: 19. Canvas painting depicting a woman working crushing the grain. Baobab trees in the background
[NOT part of the lottery]Photo: 20. Sand painting on wood depicting salt collection in Lac Rose lake
[NOT part of the lottery]Photo: 21. Baobab powder for making juice
[NOT part of the lottery - juice will be available in the party that will be organized in September 2012]Photo: 22. African Shea nut butter cream for the body
[NOT part of the lottery - can be shared if someone wants to try]