28 Photos - Sep 20, 2013
Photo: We eat lots of ice creamPhoto: And eat lots of waffles (well, not only in summer....)Photo: We go swimming every day (even though the weather isn't this nice every day)Photo: We go out on the boatPhoto: We have dinner in the backyardPhoto: We play tourists in downtownPhoto: And go out for coffee and drinks and gossipPhoto: We admire the viewPhoto: DowntownPhoto: We watch the sunsetPhoto: We go hiking to Ugleboknuten for a  view of Longumvannet (Longum Lake)Photo: We hunt wild strawberries and eat them like candyPhoto: (some of us eat more than others)Photo: We walk through the woods to Grandmother's house (sing with me now...)Photo: ....where we go swimming againPhoto: Then we walk home again and watch the sun set on the lakePhoto: Photo: We go kayakingPhoto: We pick berriesPhoto: We take a look at downtown from all sidesPhoto: Photo: We eat ice cream til we go cross-eyedPhoto: The littlest amongst us catch wild animalsPhoto: We stay here at Ƙygardsbukta...Photo: ...where we are a few steps away from the lakePhoto: The quickest ones lay claim to the cabinPhoto: And the slowest get to sleep in the hammock ;)Photo: In general we relax and enjoy summer as it's meant to be! :)