10 Photos - Jun 26, 2012
Photo: Never thought I'd ever see a Linux boot on my good old CRT...Photo: X started, LXDE startedPhoto: My second Raspberry Pi with Element 14 T-Shirt!Photo: My full Raspberry Pi kit.  Left: Farnell/Element 14, Right: RS ComponentsPhoto: raspberrypi01 and raspberrypi02 in operation.  I actually should find proper shark names for them.  For now,  only ssh servers.  I replaced the "pi" user with my default user (edit /etc/passwd, /etc/passwd-, /etc/shadow and /etc/shadow- and don't forget /etc/sudoers).Photo: Booted!Photo: Close up of both Rasberry Pis with packagingPhoto: Twins!Photo: Here you see the RPi in use at my apartment.  Basically,  what you see here is the NT-Box and rge DSL splitter (in front), and the power supplies for the phone, the ADSL router and the RPi.
All stashed in our bedroom behind some furniture.Photo: Here you see the RPi in use at in parents basement.  It sits on top the switch, next to our 1TB nightly backup HDD, and the switch sits on top of mowgly, also known as willekens.lu.