25 Photos - Dec 12, 2012
Photo: Kids love chicken nuggets and these Tyson 100% natural ones are yummy.  But how do you get them to eat vegetables too? Make the veggies extra fun and pair them with some festive nuggets!  Here is how I did it:Photo: I went to Sam's club because we've got a school party coming up and I'm bringing the chicken nuggets so I need a BIG bag.  I'm not much of a list maker but I know I'm here for chicken nuggets, paper towels and English muffins.  Right when I walked in you could see the last minute Christmas items were on display.  I like this 4 pack of mini gifts...good for teaching assistants at school.Photo: I had to stop and look twice when I saw these paper whites.  I thought they might be fake because I'm not used to seeing live plants at Sam's Club but nope, they were real and gorgeous!Photo: As I make my way toward the back of the store I spot this cocktail party pack and know a few people who would love it, but my holiday shopping is DONE!Photo: Bounty paper towels is on my list but this store brand is tempting.  It's significantly cheaper but I still stick with the Bounty because I know it works well.Photo: I buy this Thomas' deal every time I come to Sam's Club.  Just the other day I saw a box of 6 English muffins for $4.29 at Ralphs.  I'll get 18 for $5.48 here...incredible difference.Photo: I stop to have a little pity party when I see the giant boxes of raspberries for under $5 because they never have organic ones and I buy pretty much all organic food but OMG there are conventional AND organic here, and at the same price I grab a box and feel like I won the warehouse store fruit lottery.Photo: I reach the freezer section and wow - there are a lot of frozen chicken options.  This whole section is JUST chicken wings...it keeps going the entire aisle...all chicken.Photo: There are these raw stuffed chicken breasts which seem like something I would consider trying since they are raw and not already pre-cooked so they would probably turn out yummy.Photo: These Dino chicken nuggets catch my eye since the packaging screams kids and that's who I buy chicken nuggets for.  It looks like they do a good job of pushing all of their positive attributes for kids in colorful easy to read lettering right on the front of the box.Photo: Right next to those are the Tyson chicken nuggets. The packaging is not as  eye catching but I know and trust the Tyson name.Photo: The two are close enough in price that it wouldn't matter to me but ultimately I go with Tyson.  I've never heard of that Yummy brand.Photo: I also see these crispy chicken strips which would probably be great in a salad.  I would buy a smaller bag to try but not a bulk size so I pass.Photo: This Atlantic caught salmon catches my eye. I might have to try this on a future visit.  My freezer is approaching full right now!Photo: I see these Boca burgers which reminds me that I haven't had a veggie burger in a long time!Photo: I am so tempted to buy these Christmas tree shaped raviolis but I can see Kayla turning her nose up at them and me having about 100 raviolis sitting around....maybe next year.Photo: I decide to check out the condiments section.  This is an awesome price for Heinz but I just don't love buying the big bottles.  Kayla always wants to squeeze them herself and these giant bottles are not practical for that.Photo: And this mustard is also insanely cheap but we're a Gulden's family and that's not changing anytime soon!Photo: Here is my cart on the way to checkout.  It's the holiday season so the lines are longer but everyone is super friendly and checkout still goes pretty quickly.  I actually forget my Sam's Club card at the register and an employee chases me down in the parking lot to give it to me...how sweet!Photo: Back at home I can't wait to cook up some of the Tyson chicken nuggets for Kayla...they smell SO good when they're cooked!Photo: And I get out a bunch of veggies from our fridge to start crafting into pictures.Photo: First I make this broccoli Christmas tree with chicken nugget presents...then I get a really cool idea beacause my child is absolutely OBSESSED with Rudolph...Photo: I make Rudolph with a tomato nose, carrot antlers and some cauliflower snow!Photo: And of course Kayla loves it!  It takes about 2 seconds for her to dive in and eat Rudolph.  She also eats some cauliflower which is an accomplishment in itself!Photo: