26 Photos - Sep 1, 2012
Photo: I'm excited to help out with the Nickelodeon Big Help Book Drive!  I start by checking our bookshelf to see what Nickelodeon books we have.  Here are a few of our favorites!Photo: Here's our living room bookshelf.  The bottom drawers are packed with books and I bet there are a bunch we could donate in there.  Over the weekend I'll take some time with Kayla to talk about why we need to donate some to kids who don't have any books and then we'll pick out a bunch we can donate.Photo: I visited the Champions For Kids site to learn more about the Big Help Book Drive and was startled to see some of the facts - like that 67% of 4th graders in the US are reading below a proficient level!Photo: I make my list - I'll be looking for my Big Help Book Drive donation books.  We're also having some of the Mommy Tester families over for a Labor Day BBQ so I need a few things for that as well as a birthday gift for a 3 year old girl who loves princesses.Photo: Immediately as I walk into the actual store there are more football season snacks.  Kettle Chips and special edition NFL Snickers are the first things you see.Photo: The back to school section is shrinking and the Halloween section is quickly growing.  It's still way too early for me to think about that though.Photo: I decide to see what's left for back to school and find these pens for $.88 which seem like a deal.  I grab an Ariel pen for Kayla that I'll surprise her with when we are out to eat sometime and I need to keep her busy.Photo: And just when I thought it was early for Halloween....enter Holiday Barbie all dressed for Christmas!  I don't know how much Barbies are supposed to cost but $40 seems a bit crazy to me.Photo: When I see this I'm reminded that my child is pretty over-indulged.  We have one of these at home that gets used very rarely. Meanwhile I could probably buy 20 books for other kids with that money!Photo: I thought the children's books might be near the toys since that's where they are at my Target, but all I find are these Leapfrog Tag books.Photo: Since I'm in the toy section I decide to get that birthday present first.  This Princess Play-Doh kit will make be a great gift for the 3 year old Princess & Pirate party we are attending next week.Photo: I recently bought a set of these Magiclip dolls for Kayla and they were great so I'll pair this with the Play-Doh for a gift.  Tired of looking for the books I ask an employee where the children's books are and she very sternly states that they are by "Photo" and walks off.  Friendly...Photo: On my very long way to the book section I see these cool Charger's pillows sitting in a bin and am tempted to buy one for Kayla to snuggle up with during football season.Photo: I finally arrive at the kids book section.  I think it would be so much smarter if it was located near the toys section.  I never come over to this side of the store and I would be far more likely to buy kids books here if they were near the toys.Photo: This is the entire section for younger children.  Considering that this is Walmart I'm not thrilled with the selection.  I guess I thought it would be bigger. A big portion is board books and then another big portion is coloring books.  In the end it's just a small section for preschool-2nd grade. My local Targets have much larger sections for kids.Photo: I find these cute Nickelodeon books and they are ones I don't have at home to donate.  We love Olivia and the Dora goes to school seems perfect for back to school.Photo: I do find some good books for preschoolers and some nostalgic choices like Litte Critter and Berenstain Bears.Photo: There are a bunch of inexpensive choices for beginning readers.  I grab The Fat Cat and the Dora Puppy books.Photo: I always look inside the books to see if there are too many words on a page or if they concepts are simple enough for young kids.  You'd be surprised how many books look cute and then the text is terrible.  This Dora book makes the cut!Photo: On the end cap in the book section was a big Diary of a Wimpy Kid display.  They look neat but are geared towards much older kids.Photo: Chips and salsa are on my list and I see this end cap as I head towards the grocery section.  I've never bought the store brand food here but I check out the Tositos which are almost $3 a bag and decide to give these a try.  Now for salsa - I want a specific brand, Pace and  it's no where to be found near the chips.  I find it a couple aisles away in the Hispanic foods section.Photo: Hamburger buns are on my list and the Sara Lee ones I usually buy are a steal at $1.98 they are almost double that in VonsPhoto: I still need the sweet potato fries.  There is a small frozen section at my Walmart and I am still shocked when I can't find frozen french fries and ask an employee and they say that believe it or not, they don't carry any french fries and refer me to the grocery store across the street....what? I'm shocked to hear that.Photo: Here's my cart.  I picked up my #NickCFK book drive books, the princess brithday present, some items for my BBQ and a couple little things for Kayla.  That Lalaloopsy outfit was just $1 when normally they are $7 so I couldn't help but grab it.Photo: It's Saturday morning on Labor Day weekend and Walmart is pretty busy.  I head over to the Speedy Checkout and wait only a minute to check out.  Glad I wasn't doing a huge shop.  The cashier is very friendly but not one person the entire time I was in the store asked me if I needed help or offered help.  When I shop at Target I am constantly being asked if I'm finding everything okay.Photo: