36 Photos - Mar 25, 2012
Photo: Looking out over the clearwater riverPhoto: Pow on discovery hill, above the cabin on day 1Photo: Photo: Scott shralping itPhoto: I think he likes itPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Alpenglow outside Discovery CabinPhoto: Photo: Photo: The howitzers like the trophy mountains.Photo: Beginning an "adventurous" approach to Pinball WizardPhoto: Photo: Photo: One last run before dinnerPhoto: Photo: Photo: Liz and the northern SelkirksPhoto: Photo: Trophy from the south side of Table MountainPhoto: on top of TablePhoto: Photo: skinning out of Mito ChauPhoto: the biggest slide we saw over the week, on a north-facing pocket near 2400 meters.Photo: The cirque of wonders.  Should have hit that.Photo: Photo: Photo: Lunch.Photo: Photo: Photo: Last supperPhoto: