119 Photos - Jan 1, 2012
Photo: Day 1 And so this year long journey begins...Photo: Day 60Photo: Day 61Photo: Day 62Photo: Day 63Photo: Day 64Photo: Day 65Photo: Day 66Photo: Day 67Photo: Day 68Photo: Day 69Photo: Day 70Photo: Day 71Photo: Day 72Photo: Day 73Photo: Day 74Photo: Day 75Photo: Day 77Photo: Day 79Photo: Day 80Photo: Day 81Photo: Day 82Photo: Day 83Photo: Day 84Photo: Day 85Photo: Day 86Photo: Day 87Photo: Day 88Photo: Day 89Photo: day 90Photo: Day 91Photo: Day 92Photo: Day 93Photo: Day 94Photo: Day 95Photo: Day 96Photo: Day 97Photo: Day 98Photo: Day 99Photo: Day 100

#creative366projectPhoto: Day 101Photo: Day 102Photo: Day 103Photo: Day 104Photo: Day 105Photo: Day 106Photo: Day 107Photo: Day 108Photo: Day 109Photo: Day 110Photo: Day 111Photo: Day 112Photo: Day 113Photo: Day 114Photo: Day 115Photo: Day 116Photo: Day 117Photo: Day 118Photo: Day 119Photo: Photo: Day 3Photo: Day 4Photo: Day 5Photo: Day 6 Ok folks, here's my shot for day 6. A small theater in the city just south of where I live. It used to be a small town, but with all the people moving into the area, I guess you have to say it has become a city. Kind of a shame, really.Photo: Day 7 Here is my shot for day 7. This is my cousins daughter, who was born 1 month ago today.Photo: Day 8Photo: Day 9 

I had heard the rumors, Sugar Bear escapes. I just chalked them up to people wanting  to talk about something, anything, other then their everyday lives. You know how people can get.

The story I heard was that Sugar Bear had been locked up decades ago by the PC health police. What? You haven't heard of that not so secret organization? A story for another time. Anyway, they locked him up for...well, who knows why. They just locked him up.

I had heard the rumors for many years. Supposedly, he had escaped from a minimum security prison, after gaining the trust of the warden. I doubt there is anyone that knows all the facts. Imagine my surprise when I came around the bend of the trail and there He was. I only had time to fire off one frame before he disappeared into the forest. 

I am now on his trail. He can't stay hidden for long.Photo: Laps anyone?Photo: Photo: Day 12Photo: Day 13

My shot today is a reproduction of the Stanley "Little Victor" Hand Plane. It comes in handy when you need a small plane. I can't tell you how many times I reach for this plane, when I make a box. 

I was struggling with something to shoot today. I saw the plane sitting there, and made an impromptu photo booth on top of the washing machine, with a piece of paper as a backdrop.Photo: Day 14
I'd like to come up with something profound about the circle of life and seed heads, but I got nothing.Photo: I think He just likes the idea of hunting.Photo: Photo: Photo: "Don't wake up, in a roadside ditch!"Photo: The Light Still ShinesPhoto: Photo: Day 21Photo: Day 22Photo: Day 23Photo: Dancing in the LightPhoto: Day 25Photo: Day 26Photo: Day 27Photo: The VisitorPhoto: Day 29Photo: Day 30Photo: Day 31Photo: Day 32Photo: Day 33Photo: Day 34Photo: Day 35Photo: Day 36Photo: Day 37Photo: Day 38Photo: Day 39Photo: Day 40Photo: Day 41Photo: Day 42Photo: Day 43Photo: Day 44Photo: Day 45Photo: Day 46Photo: Day 47Photo: Day 48Photo: Day 49Photo: Day 50Photo: Day 51Photo: Day 52Photo: Day 53Photo: Day 54Photo: Day 55Photo: Day 56Photo: Day 57Photo: Day 58Photo: Day 59Photo: Day 78Photo: Day 76