64 Photos - Sep 18, 2012
Photo: View from King Carlos V11 hotel & restaurant up on the Querol pass (1080m)Photo: Photo: Photo: The Ermita chapel has been converted into a restaurant dining roomPhoto: Photo: Morella, from 10km awayPhoto: Photo: Christo Rey blesses the valley belowPhoto: Approaching Morella from the southPhoto: Photo: Inside Morella town wallsPhoto: Southern gateway entrance to Morella old townPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: The countryside beyond MorellaPhoto: Photo: Morella town wallsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Portal di Torres de Sant MiquelPhoto: Mediaeval aqueduct - MorellaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Portal di Sant MIquelPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Inside Morella's ancient wallsPhoto: Photo: Redundant church turned into health centrePhoto: Morella's basilica chuch on the rightPhoto: Morella fortalezaPhoto: Photo: Unusal gable end belfry above sanctuary, Basilica di MorelloPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Entrances to Morella Basilica, fortaleza behind and abovePhoto: Great Gothic south porch, Morella BasilicaPhoto: Morella Basilica interior - acces to unusual choir and organ loftPhoto: Photo: Morella basilica - ancient organPhoto: Morella Basilica - gilded baroque sanctuaryPhoto: Photo: Fortaleza, MorellaPhoto: Photo: View west from Morella's old franciscan conventPhoto: View south east, MorellaPhoto: Photo: Fortaleza, MorellaPhoto: Exterior of former franciscan convent, about to be converted into a Parador hotelPhoto: Photo: Photo: Ancient houses on the east side of Morella BasilicaPhoto: Photo: Fortaleza Morella from the north sidePhoto: Looking north from outside the walls of MorellaPhoto: Torres di Sant Miquel, MorellaPhoto: Photo: Tourist info centre, MorellaPhoto: Morella, looking west from the bypass