24 Photos - Feb 20, 2012
Photo: Here's my local Publix.  It's in Pembroke Commons Shopping Center in Pembroke Pines, FL.Photo: I love it because it's huge and has all the amenities, like a Pharmacy, Florist, Bakery, and Deli.  They even have fresh sushi!Photo: Oh, lookie!  As soon as I walked in, I saw a huge display that announced that Thomas' brand Bagels are on sale--BOGO!Photo: All flavors of the 6 pack bagels are on sale.  WOOT!  I can save up to $4.50.Photo: This is QUITE interesting.  I had never seen this product--Thomas' Bagel Thins.  They caught my eye because they had their own display AND the display says they are only 110 calories.  I had planned to buy regular bagels.  But, these may be the ticket.Photo: They make nearly EVERY flavor in the Thin variety.  I'm impressed with Thomas'.Photo: Somehow I thought there would be more choices, especially for English Muffins.Photo: The Publix brand English Muffins are displayed prominently, but their packaging isn't nearly as flashy as the national brands.Photo: IMMEDIATELY I was attracted to the Thomas' Corn Hearty Muffins, because they make a Corn loaf bread that I love.  Unfortunately, it is NOT available in Florida and my mom has to send it to me from Maryland.  I wonder if it tastes similar?Photo: The breakfast breads are RIGHT next to the jams and jellies.  How convenient.  As soon as I choose a bread, I'm getting a jelly to go with it.Photo: Publix brand also have a Premium line of bagels with artisan flavors. Still, the packaging is just so "blah!"  Is that a way to save money?Photo: I guess I should really brush up on my Breakfast Breads because I had NO IDEA that Nature's Own made english muffins.Photo: The Whole Grains line of sliced bread from Arnold's is prominently displayed.Photo: I was kind of surprised to see the Mini Bagels on the bottom shelf, since they are the perfect size for kids.  Why don't they put them up higher?Photo: Publix Premium English Muffins have great choices in flavors, but they are easy to overlook because of the bland packaging.Photo: Publix Brand Honey Wheat English Muffins have 130 calories, as do Thomas' brand and Nature's Own.  All have the same caloric content.  Interesting, huh?Photo: As excited as I was about the Thomas' Thin English Muffins, the Arnold's Sandwich Thins are only 100 calories!  WOW!Photo: I've heard AMAZING things about Dickinson's Lime Curd.  I think I will get some to use as a spread on my breakfast bread.  But they ony have lemon..no lime!Photo: And, the Lemon Curd is ON SALE!  FTW!Photo: My husband, whose Cuban, convinced me to try this Guava Jelly.  It's locally grown.Photo: This is the only brand of sliced breakfast breads that I had tried before.  My Granny used to have it every morning with her coffee.Photo: I compared the sizes of both the Thomas' brand and the Publix brand of English Muffins.  The Thomas' are bigger, though not by much.Photo: See the difference for yourself.Photo: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All opinions are my own