42 Photos - Apr 24, 2012
Photo: Oh Echevaria, how I adore you.
You are the most spectacular flower in the entire world.

Rose was beautiful but too prickly and full of herself.
Daisy was perfectly sweet and simple. A bit too much so.
(But then again...that wild and crazy Daisy from Africa might have been the one were it not for her upbringing and love for humidity.)
Lily was exotic but a bit too straight-laced for me.
Iris was wonderful and made me stand taller but I couldn't get past her beard. (I know...call me shallow)
And then you came along...
making my heart beat faster,
making me smile and laugh with your vibrant, delightful,
joy-filled demeanor.
Major swoon.Photo: Photo: Gonna nibble on yer toes (Yum yum eat 'em up.)Photo: Stick your head up
Stick your neck out
Stick around (a bit) longer

Stick up for something or someoneStick with it (whatever your "it" is)

It's amazing what you see and what's possible when you make the decision to stand out. So what are you waiting for?Photo: Let the fireworks commencePhoto: African Daisy with an itch needing to be scratched.
(Or a scratch needing to be itched?)
Either way...it's clearly wanting a little something (grin)Photo: Photo: The moment you awake
all tousled
and locked in that wonderful place where dreams and reality merge
is when you are at your most breathtaking.Photo: Sending a huge hug and lots of happy thoughts to +LaDonna PridePhoto: Because someone somewhere is having a bad day, this decided to bloom just to cheer them up.Photo: Still seeing stars and making happily ever after wishes...Photo: Early birds (and morning people) have it made.
Out and about getting stuff done and enjoying the best part of the day.
And being able to sneak back in under the covers some most every morning. Photo: Out searching for answers among the berries.

I met up with some buzzing and chirping creatures more than willing to offer advice in the form of spoken word poetry and chipper (chirpy) songs. I did, however, miss the percussive solo of the woodpecker. I have heard it on numerous occasions and it never fails to get my foot tapping.
I watched an overachieving spider decorate her lavish spread.
I wanted to raise a stink with a skunk but they had slunk (slinky-ed) away...perhaps to spy on the cute groundhog that had moved in nearby.
So I sat and watched the berries ripen thinking this was a tiny bit better than watching grass grow and how much better it would/could/will be. Photo: From across the garden he saw her and knew instantly.
(Now if only the deer would leave him be long enough for him to have a chance to show her how he felt)

Editor's note: Frickin' deer!!!! You used to seem so cute. Now I hate you and want to make venison cutlet parmagiana every time I see youPhoto: Photo: Windy paths are so much better when there's a hand to hold on to.Photo: You can choke Artie, but you can't choke Stymie (or Kelli)
I know +Kelli Seeger Kim loves her family, and loves her macro photography (not to mention our G+ community), but I only recently learned that she loves artichokes. So this is for her because of how much she makes us all smile. And if you don't have her circled you really should.

So this is for +Kelli Seeger Kim and #macromonday  (which is also curated but +Jennifer Eden (who may like asparagus but hopefully not okra) Photo: An Allium or Wild Onion about to explodePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Freshly showered and smelling like a million vanilla beans and some orange peelPhoto: A perfectly lovely flower practicing her rhythmic breathing during an early morning yoga session.

Let's all wish the happiest of birthdays to +Kerry Murphy 

Join me on the  #kerrymurphypartytrain !!!

And let's not forget it #floralfriday  curated by another lovely flower +Tamara Pruessner Photo: Just futzing aroundPhoto: Mirror, mirror...

As a photographer, which do you think is more true:
my mood is affected by what I see
my mood affects what I see

For #macromonday  curated by the never moody and always colorful trio of +Kerry Murphy +Jennifer Eden and +Kelli Seeger Kim 
and perhaps for  #monochromemonday  (as long as you cover the left half of the image)Photo: PinkaliciousnessPhoto: Long day in the garden.Photo: A perfectly lovely flower posing for a high school yearbook portrait as My Chemical Romance blares in the background, Roses and Dahlias check their makeup and Thistles jostle Daisies to be next in line.

#purplecircle  Photo: Technology is unpredictable. Flowers aren't.

This goes out to +LaDonna Pride +Sarra Robinson and +Laurie Nation for hanging out during a particularly dysfunctional hangout. Promise to do much better next time.Photo: Ending my night with something beautiful.

#floralfriday  Photo: As dusk embraces my garden, the Briarcliff Manor Synchronized Hummingbird Squad practices their routine in a top secret location for their upcoming Autumn TourPhoto: Perfectly and simply gorgeousPhoto: I present to you:
the VillaCallalobos Lily in honor of Google's own +Natalie Villalobos' Birthday.

Go shower her with love and +1's and sing her a birthday song or twenty.Photo: This lovely little branch seems to have forgotten its still winter here in new YorkPhoto: A hot little number for yaPhoto: Photo: So been in meetings all day. Did get a chance to take a break for some fresh air and saw this. Ran to get my camera (which is always with me) and grabbed this image. Just plugged my camera into laptop and decided to share SOOC ("straight outta the camera" for you newbies or "priddy onlie" folks.
What's my point you might ask?
Processing is fun and all. But things can only get better when you start with something good(er).

Back to my meetings. Been a looong day.Photo: You know what I love about Sundays? Sunday Brunch (oh yeah)
Know what I hate about Sunday Brunch? Sunday Brunch alone. Yeah I'm crazy busy working today which spoiled all sorts of plans(big sigh)
I think next week we should have a virtual Sunday Brunch. I'm gonna post some of my favorite Sunday brunch dishes and we can all share...okay?

#sundaymorning   #sundaybrunch   #insects   #insectphotography  Photo: Bee-ing there

#hqspmacro   #macro4all   #macrophotography   #bee  Photo: Portrait of a succulent

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