157 Photos - Jan 4, 2014
Photo: sky islands - Rwenzori Mts. - barrier between dry East Africa and Congo BasinPhoto: river in the Congo BasinPhoto: clouds covered most of the Congo BasinPhoto: Congo RiverPhoto: Brazzaville ...and Kinshasa on the other sidePhoto: Congo River in Brazzaville, Kinshasa (DRC) in behindPhoto: the only 'avenue' along the Congo River in BrazzavillePhoto: lungfish...wa​s still biting to the machetePhoto: fruit bats to sell ...source of ebola virusPhoto: for a soupPhoto: rapids behind BrazzavillePhoto: BrazzavillePhoto: quanga - 'bread' of the Congo ...and the lady in blue was available for marriage ;-)Photo: Makoua, city on the equator ...and a Christmas tree ;-)Photo: fried safuPhoto: local petrol stationPhoto: :-)Photo: last mohicanPhoto: familyPhoto: forest villagePhoto: invitationPhoto: whip spider in my hutPhoto: bat in my hutPhoto: gecko in my hutPhoto: gorilla skull and bongo horns above the door of my hutPhoto: Toxicodryas blandingii in my hutPhoto: my hutPhoto: making nets for antelope huntingPhoto: we can swim ;-)Photo: at homePhoto: peki - fruit of the forestPhoto: skin of giant otter shrewPhoto: sessionPhoto: bridges are getting worse...Photo: roads tooPhoto: 'bridge' :-)Photo: dinner ...antelope with peanuts and fufuPhoto: pickersPhoto: children of the CongoPhoto: small antelope - duikerPhoto: giant scorpion found in the middle of the villagePhoto: weighting gold before will be sold to a middlemanPhoto: tree frogsPhoto: heading to the forestPhoto: drinkable stream...Photo: bridgePhoto: building a shelterPhoto: fly attack...Photo: campPhoto: forest dwarf crocodilePhoto: snake Dipsadoboa viridis was feeding on frog eggsPhoto: kingfisherPhoto: blue duiker for dinnerPhoto: more than for a dinner. fortunately, tortoises were later released back to the forestPhoto: this poor guy got it by a machetePhoto: cooked crocPhoto: fly eggs laid in less than an hour on my sweaty headband and t-shirtPhoto: spot-nosed monkeyPhoto: :-/Photo: hair must go downPhoto: ...Photo: ...Photo: smoking crocodiles, antelope and monkeyPhoto: fish and waspsPhoto: forest dwarf crocodilePhoto: habitatPhoto: forest elephant footprints with clawed frogs insidePhoto: Dipsadoboa weileriPhoto: Leptopelis tree frogPhoto: bush-cricketPhoto: mushroomPhoto: African butterflyfishPhoto: refreshingPhoto: clawed frog in mudPhoto: tse-tse fly full of my bloodPhoto: forest fruitPhoto: traditional or 'modern'?Photo: village lifePhoto: nestlings for a dinnerPhoto: killifishPhoto: catfishPhoto: spiderPhoto: Boaedon olivaceusPhoto: guenonPhoto: how to carry a monkeyPhoto: snackPhoto: playing drumPhoto: village churchPhoto: place to macerate cassavaPhoto: pangolin in a saucePhoto: surrounding forest from a small farm hillPhoto: look! frog for you...Photo: petrolPhoto: mamaPhoto: almost 6 m long skin of a huge pythonPhoto: :-)Photo: Afrixalus frogPhoto: for 'chicken' soupPhoto: for 'monkey' soup ;-)Photo: monkey tail as a snackPhoto: must be firstly bakedPhoto: chasePhoto: antelope hunting using netsPhoto: relax before the chasePhoto: with houndsPhoto: waiting by a netPhoto: duiker caughtPhoto: duikerPhoto: setting a netPhoto: good chasePhoto: relaxPhoto: actionPhoto: small antelope in the netPhoto: yummy bloodPhoto: like a bagPhoto: monkey-tail snack and envious dogsPhoto: skinningPhoto: chase was a successPhoto: butchery in the forestPhoto: duiker skinPhoto: everybody must get a portionPhoto: hair dressingPhoto: gold micro-mines...Photo: ...are good also for a finding of a caecilianPhoto: mini-DVD - Sunday fairy talePhoto: at homePhoto: leaf-litter frog with a looong fingerPhoto: jungle traffic markingPhoto: the motobike has a problemPhoto: back in a townPhoto: streetPhoto: this will be a new big big roadPhoto: 'okapi'Photo: invasive water hyacinth on the Congo RiverPhoto: male agamaPhoto: taxis of BrazzavillePhoto: batched pythonPhoto: cane ratPhoto: everything you wantPhoto: butcherPhoto: monkey tail, monkey head, ...Photo: fish stallPhoto: big lungfish under the tablePhoto: catfish almost on dryPhoto: much of quangaPhoto: smoked flying fishPhoto: they will never fly again... :(Photo: Congolese marketPhoto: behind barsPhoto: little chimpPhoto: sad perspectivePhoto: medical public awarenessPhoto: medical public awarenessPhoto: medical public awarenessPhoto: medical public awarenessPhoto: medical public awarenessPhoto: voyage on the Congo River