117 Photos - Dec 31, 2013
Photo: Congo in view...Photo: KinshasaPhoto: Congo RiverPhoto: Kinshasa posh youthPhoto: PET, PET, PET...Photo: Congo rapids...Photo: Matadi at nightPhoto: hotelPhoto: early morning startPhoto: discussion...​Photo: ICCNPhoto: curious childrenPhoto: arrival to MuandaPhoto: the only small piece of the DRC coastPhoto: fishingPhoto: ...discover & save Zaire biodiversity!​!!Photo: fishermenPhoto: catch of the dayPhoto: beachPhoto: baobabsPhoto: "good meat here"...5th generation of butchersPhoto: smile :-)Photo: oil fires in Angola behind the Congo RiverPhoto: fishPhoto: Parc Marin des MangrovesPhoto: Mangroves NPPhoto: mangrovesPhoto: making charcoalPhoto: Periophthalmu​sPhoto: village life in mangrovesPhoto: "mbote!"Photo: Gypohierax angolensis ...feeds on palm fruitsPhoto: cormorantsPhoto: oyster villagePhoto: life on oyster shellsPhoto: ...on a stickPhoto: baobab fruit - possible to eat but disgusting...Photo: that's itPhoto: crocodile...​Photo: campPhoto: dinnerPhoto: Hapsidophrys lineataPhoto: oyster fishingPhoto: dive for conchesPhoto: I'm a good diverPhoto: ...you don't believe?Photo: meat, shell, meat, shell...Photo: ...Photo: Congo RiverPhoto: mamba was sitting herePhoto: beer is coming...Photo: beeeeer!Photo: cinemaPhoto: hey you!Photo: in a harbourPhoto: mamaPhoto: curly girl :)Photo: ...and batmanPhoto: typical Congolese hairstylePhoto: when will it be ready?Photo: oyster meatPhoto: impenetrablePhoto: pythonPhoto: Tityus in Africa???Photo: kingfisherPhoto: colourful...Photo: graveyardPhoto: wow...baobabPhoto: give me your finger!Photo: do you know who I am?Photo: I am the forest cobra!Photo: Naja melanoleucaPhoto: be careful!Photo: wanna a snake?Photo: HyperoliusPhoto: oil fire on seaPhoto: NP rangerPhoto: Chelonia mydasPhoto: how to carry a marine turtle in CongoPhoto: Philothamnus dorsalisPhoto: Causus maculatusPhoto: Gerrhosaurus nigrolineatusPhoto: 'regularis' toad...?Photo: Hyperolius parallelusPhoto: Hyperolius adspersusPhoto: Hyperolius cinnamomeoven​trisPhoto: camping on a football playgroundPhoto: village lifePhoto: ...Photo: laundryPhoto: family life...Photo: I will be a famous football player...Photo: Congo RiverPhoto: ovenPhoto: get out...!Photo: last DRC remnant of Mayombe forestPhoto: ...with bushmeatPhoto: ...and wwf pandaPhoto: waiting for an acceptance by chiefPhoto: let's go...to the forest!Photo: how to carry this???Photo: hunters' camp in the forestPhoto: Mayombe forest...Photo: Arthroleptis sylvaticusPhoto: pangolinPhoto: ...in handsPhoto: giant CricetomysPhoto: outside the forestPhoto: Poromera fordiiPhoto: HemisusPhoto: Gonionotophis​ brussauxiPhoto: Chamaeleo dilepisPhoto: bye byePhoto: otikala malamu!Photo: Congo River in MatadiPhoto: Bas-Congo - Switzerland of the DRC: new road to KinshasaPhoto: Jesus Christ loves us! 100%