41 Photos - Aug 4, 2014
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Is this tv licence detection or Mick Moss's mobile telecoms vehicle?Photo: New York Tavern, one of Chantry's two owned housesPhoto: New York TavernPhoto: snuff list at New York TavernPhoto: Photo: Photo: grist case at mezzanine floor level where malt is storedPhoto: copperPhoto: The brewing vessels are supplied by the Sheffield arm of Moeschle, just down the road in effect, and showcase the latest in top-fermenting brewing technology for that companyPhoto: many of the brewing vessels are height-adjustable for ease of accessPhoto: Photo: underbackPhoto: Photo: copperPhoto: Photo: Wakefield CAMRA member Bob Whitehead in deep discussion with aq member of the brewery teamPhoto: mash tunPhoto: Fawcett's malt from CastlefordPhoto: Photo: chocolate malt or roasted barley has recently been fed down the grist casePhoto: Photo: cask store on mezzanine floorPhoto: malt store on mezzanine floorPhoto: hot liquor tankPhoto: cask washerPhoto: presentation of commemorative certificate by Wakefield CAMRA Chairman, Albert Bradbury to Mick Warburton, Head BrewerPhoto: Photo: Photo: Mick WarburtonPhoto: The unit on the right provides the opportunity for expansion.Photo: The Chantry Brewery dray.Photo: secure premisesPhoto: Chantry Brewery service vehicle