72 Photos - Aug 29, 2011
Photo: This is (was) my laundry room.Photo: See the nice shelvesPhoto: Very nice shelvesPhoto: Somewhat useful shelvesPhoto: Well, the shelves had to go.Photo: And so did the nice cabinet.Photo: The last of three cabinets I custom made for the laundry room remodelPhoto: Photo: The first of the three cabinets. Designed to hang backpacks and school stuff for the kids.Photo: I reinforced the backs to hold the hangers.Photo: Good thing I'm painting these. I can get away with a few simplified router cuts.Photo: Photo: The second of the two cabinets. It's designed to hold three laundry baskets. Each cubby is 28" deep.Photo: Photo: This is the wall in the laundry room that use to have shelves on it. I knocked it out to make room for the soon to be flush mounted cabinets.Photo: I ran into a bit more electrical work that I really wanted. I hate electrical work.Photo: The view from my garage looking into the laundry room. The new cabinets will stick out about 12 - 24" depending on the depth of the cabinets.Photo: Photo: Photo: Got the new outlet in and famed up the wall. I wasn't sure if the wall was load bearing or not, so I put in a header anyway. The cost was minimal and why risk it.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Moving the cabinets up was harder than I expected. 3/4" birch plywood is heavy!Photo: Photo: The two bottom cabinets in place.Photo: Photo: Now to add the third cabinet.Photo: Third cabinet in place :)Photo: Photo: Once the cabinets were all in and secured, I began to face them with trim.Photo: Photo: Photo: Cabinets completely facedPhoto: Photo: Now to fill my holes :) Glad this wasn't a stain grade project :)Photo: Photo: Photo: OK.. onto the storage above the washer/dryer.Photo: Instead of prebuilding these cabinets, I chose to build them into the wall using some 1/4" bead board.Photo: And the first shelf is up.Photo: Photo: Photo: Completed, and ready for some filler :)Photo: Photo: Fill away!Photo: Filled!Photo: Two coats of primer.Photo: On everything! I hated this part. Especially those 28" deep cabinets.Photo: Photo: More priming.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Yes, this lower cabinet completely sucked!!!! I was in that hole 4 times painting!Photo: Photo: All done!!!! I finished by painting the entire laundry room and puting two coats of white semi-gloss up.Photo: Photo: No this is not a commercial for Tide.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Man... I wanted to sleep in there.