25 Photos - Aug 31, 2011
Photo: Bald Eagle Flying AlaskaPhoto: Orca Whale at sunset off Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. 
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http://www.rolfhickerphotography.com/pictures/orca-whale-photos.htmPhoto: Pacific White Sided Dolphins in Johnstone Strait off Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.Photo: Good morning world.
My friends which know me for a while know that I love to show animals in their natural environment. My photo for today shows a fairly large polar bear walking along the big boulders along Hudson Bay in northern Manitoba before sunset. It was a real challenge to do the right white balance as the bears fur is reflecting the soft yellow sunlight BUT that is what their fur does and it looked yellow. I used the snow as a reference for WB. I hope you like the pic as much as I do. #polarbears #animalsPhoto: One of the most fascinating things I saw in the animal kingdom is when a bald eagle decides to go fishing. This eagle was circling a few times before it decided to go for it. They mostly do it by turning in flight, folding one wing down and "dive bomb" the fish. This image is shot in this split second when the eagle was folding one of its wings to finally go in for "dinner". Canon 1Ds, 1/1600 / f7.1, ISO 200, 300mm #birds #eagles #animalsPhoto: Healthy bighorn sheep ram enjoying sunshine after the first snowstorm in fall. I photographed this beautiful animal in Waterton Lakes National Park in southern Alberta, one of my favorite Rocky Mountain Parks in Canada. #nature #wildlife #animalsPhoto: Australasian Gannets, North Island, New Zealand.Photo: Today I want to show you a great bird - the Australasian Gannet, which I photographed on the North Island of New Zealand. I'm very happy with this shot because it shows the bird getting ready to take of and it shows the amazing size of the wings - in order to bring them out better I was trying to get below the bird so it will show up against the sky. #animals #birds # NewZealand

Hope you like it.
Canon 1Ds Mark 2, 35mm!!!, 1/200, f/8Photo: I almost forgot - it is #WildlifeWednesday, my first one since I'm on G+ so I don't want to miss it. My contribution today is a picture of the Great Horned Owl - and NO - I HAVE NOT manipulated the eyes. Hope you like it - feel free to share (thanks!)
#animals #birds #WildlifeWednesdayPhoto: Yesterday evening I was thinking about what photo I should share with you today. I picked one randomly and it turns out to be a Orca whale (killer whale, Orcinus orca) - I always was known for my deep killer whale portfolio but I have not updated it for over 6 years - this will change now. Find more info in my blog I wrote today:
Hope you like the photo.
#animals #whales #SilhouettesOnThursday #ThirstyThursdayPicsPhoto: #WildlifeWednesday

Busy posting day today. Don't forget, today is Wildlife Wednesday by +Mike Spinak .

My contribution today to the wildlife theme is a northern resident family pod of Orcas (Killer Whales) traveling through heavy fog - have you ever tried to follow orcas in fog? That is quit a challenge. I used hydrophones to find them in the first place and from there you only can listen above the water and hopefully the spouts are close enough. To me it was a very cool and mystic experience, maybe even one of the most eeriest photo moments I had with Orcas so far.

Hope you like it!
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#WildlifeWednesday #Animals #WhalesPhoto: Atlantic Puffins, Newfoundland Labrador, Canada.Photo: #WildlifeWednesday

Almost forgot again...Wednesday is also WildlifeWednesday by +Mike Spinak.

I love Puffins, they are so cute...till you photograph them. We were taken by a little and old fishing boat to an island of the coast of Newfoundland to photograph Puffins. It was lots of fun watching and photographing those bird from a fairly close distance - not so great what the fact that we were lying behind a rock for 6 hours and the Puffins really enjoyed flying over us and covering us with little poop bombs. But they still cute..after all.

The other photo theme I would like to add this image to is #WhateverWednesday by +Cicely Robin Laing.

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http://www.rolfhickerphotography.com/blogs/all-google-plus-photo-themes.htmPhoto: #WildlifeWednesday

Yellow Eyed Penguin jumping up a small step on the petrified forest in Curio Bay on the South Island of New Zealand.

Time runs fast those days so I'm happy that I can contribute this image to Wildlife Wednesday by +Mike Spinak. It is one of my favorite themes and Mike is doing a great job curating it too. If you have any wildlife shots make sure to contribute every Wednesday to this photo theme.

I also contribute it to #WhateverWednesday which I like a lot too - it is just simply "whatever", curated by +Cicely Robin Laing 

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http://www.rolfhickerphotography.com/blogs/all-google-plus-photo-themes.htmPhoto: #WildlifeWednesday

a big thanks to +Mike Spinak for curating wildlife wednesday. I hope you all contributed to it.

This is another one of my favorite Bald Eagle photos - an adult Eagle sitting and waiting out a snow storm. I photographed this beautiful bird in Alaska.

I'm still working a lot in the background of my relaunched website - if you interested please stop by and check out my other pictures of Bald Eagles.

I very much appreciate it!

#PlusPhotoExtract #birdsPhoto: #BirdsofPreySunday

I have not shown a lot of my wildlife stuff lately so today is a great day to contribute my bald eagle fishing photo to BirdsofPreySunday by +Jeffrey Van Daele +Diego Cattaneo .

I photographed this picture near Homer, Alaska, it used to be one of the very best spots to photograph eagles in early spring in Alaska but by the sounds of it those times are over and there are only a few left.

If you like my shot please check out my website, I have a lot more bald eagle pictures there.

Thank you!

#PlusPhotoExtract #wildlife #eaglesPhoto: #WildlifeWednesday

yeahh, this wednesday I'm able to post something for WildlifeWednesday again, this great theme is curated by +Mike Spinak.

My contribution today is a blue-footed booby which I photographed on Espanola Island, which is part of the Galapagos Islands. Those birds are very cute and they even showed us their wonderful mating ritual, it is like a dance which looks very funny because of their big feet.

And NO, I did not color the feet, that is how they look like.

I hope to find the time to scan some more animal photos, especially from the Galapagos Islands.

I originally photographed this image with a 200mm lens on Fuji Provia film, now I scanned the 35mm slide with my Hasselblad X5 scanner.
Hope you like it.

If you interested in more of my animal pictures, please have a look at my website:


#PlusPhotoExtract #birdsPhoto: #WildlifeWednesday

and one more for WildlifeWednesday by +Mike Spinak which als fits well for #WowWednesday by +Jan Paul Anthony Zabala.

Bald eagle with wide open wings just above the surface, ready to catch a fish.

Watching bald eagles is always fun but being close to them when they have their wings wide open is simply amazing - I would not find any other description for it. This perspective gives you a "new feel" how large and powerful those beautiful birds are.

I photographed many bald eagle and I'm looking forward to photograph even more, I never will be bored watching and photographing these magnificent birds.

If you interested in more of my eagle pictures please check out my website, I just started to update my photo gallery and some of the photos are now available as hires wallpaper in size up to 1440px:


#PlusPhotoExtractPhoto: #WildlifeWednesday

such great themes on Wednesday. I want to contribute this eagle picture to #WildlifeWednesday which is curated by +Mike Spinak, it is one of my favorite themes.

I photographed this eagle just a split second before it he was catching a salmon. It was a challenge shooting this with the 2.8/300 from a moving (tide) boat while we were in the tide rips.

I guess I never get tired of photographing eagles, especially when they hunting, and it always will be a challenge because it happens so fast. As soon as a eagle makes its decision things happening very very fast, they often turn in flight, fold their wings up and go strait down - it is an incredible sight and very powerful.

I wrote a bit of a blog to this picture if you interested:

and my other eagle pictures can be found here:

#PlusPhotoExtract +Jarek KlimekPhoto: #WildlifeWednesday

Actually I planned to show you some of my new bear pictures today for #WildlifeWednesday by +Mike Spinak but then I "ran" into this shot of an bald eagle last night and thought that would be even better.

If you get bored with my eagle shots please let me know, I got plenty of bears waiting for you and lots of marine mammals too.

I photographed this photo of a bald eagle in flight on one of my private photo tours I offer here from northern Vancouver Island. We often go over to the Great Bear Rainforest coast and photograph wildlife there.

I photographed many eagles but this one is very special to me because it is unique - I never was able to get that beautiful color from a red snapper into the shot yet, in fact I only seen it a very few times that an eagle is going for a red snapper. For me this is a new shot which will make it very far up on my best of bald eagle list. I like the color of the fish and the way the eagle has its wings spread. I wonder how you like it and how the feedback will be from the community.

I also submit it to #WowWednesday by +Jan Paul Anthony Zabala and #WhateverWednesday by +Cicely Robin Laing.

This picture is also available now on my website as a free wallpaper up to 1440px.
For more of my eagle pictures please have a look at my website:

#PlusPhotoExtract by +Jarek Klimek 
#wildlife #eagles #animalsPhoto: #WildlifeWednesday

Many of you know that I love to shoot marine mammals, especially dolphins and whales.

Today I want to contribute on of my dolphin pictures to #WildlifeWednesday by +Mike Spinak. It is a large group of Pacific White Sided Dolphins off the British Columbia coast in Canada. When I photographed this picture we had close to 1000 animals around us - sounds like it makes it easy to photograph them...well, not quite. There is so much happening that it is very difficult to pick a few animals and follow them with the camera, then you have one jumping here, then there and you want to start following those more active animals, which at the end it is just a big rush.

I'm very happy with this picture as it gives you a good example of the speed of the dolphins. Since that day I never seen as many dolphins again in one herd but when the season comes this year again I hope to make it out for a shoot and hopefully I see many of them again.

Dolphins are lot of fun to watch!!!

If you interested in more of my dolphin pictures please have a look at my website:

#PlusPhotoExtract by +Jarek Klimek 
#WowWednesday by +Jan Paul Anthony Zabala 
#WetWednesday by +Susanne SchweigerPhoto: #WildlifeWednesday

and this is my contribution to one of my favorite themes, #WildlifeWednesday by +Mike Spinak.

I think most of you know by know that I love New Zealand (well...I have to, my wife is a Kiwi - lol) and I do love Penguins, especially the yellow eyed penguin.
There are several places on the South Island where one can watch the penguins and if you down there it is actually a "must do".

It is a lot of fun watching them when they come back on land in the evening, looking around first if there are any predators hanging around before they make their way into the bush. it is quiet a journey for them everyday with sometimes danger waiting.

This here is one of my favorite pictures of a penguin, nice late soft and yellow light and the high grass shows it the very best where they live when on land.

To me it is a bit of a wow effect, every time I see them so I also want to contribute this picture to #WowWednesday by +Jan Paul Anthony Zabala .

If you interested in more of my penguin pictures please have a look at my website - I'm just starting to replace the old thumbnails with new ones and to upload new pictures too:

Hope you like it as much as I do!

#POTDPhoto: #PhotoStorySaturday 

Today I want to show you one of my favorite pictures of a humpback whale fluke during a golden sunset in the Strait of Belle Isle off the Newfoundland Labrador coast.

I want to contribute it to a few themes but first of all to #PhotoStorySaturday by +Dave Beckerman.

The story behind this pictures is worth mentioning, I for sure will never forget this adventure. I actually was in Newfoundland to photograph two things, icebergs and whales and of course in the combi. I was based on the Northern Peninsula, which is away from the big city lights. Actually it is the place where you still get the real Newfy feeling, everybody is relaxed and time seems to stand still. Well, also because of this it is not that easy just to go out, rent a boat and go. With a good friend of mine, the owner of Tuckamore Lodge, I was able to get a old friend of her to take me out.
So far so good, when I arrived in the little community from which we left he was already waiting for me on the dock. I was a little shocked at first when he showed me proudly his boat, it was a very small old wooden fishing boat with a 50 horsepower engine on the back, just enough space for maybe 2-3 people.

I knew I don't have a big choice, thats just the way life is up in that area. So after wrapping my gear into blankets to keep the salt water out (I did not take any water proof canisters with me) we made our way out in the big Atlantic Ocean in the search of humpback whales and iceberg. We found both and I also got the images I was after, a whale with an iceberg in the background. But shortly after I got those shots the engine quit.

Kind of a scary moment when you out in the Atlantic Ocean, a couple miles offshore, no radio and no other boats around. No big deal said my skipper and started to tear the engine apart. I must say I did not feel very comfortable at this moment. We drifted further and further and after almost 45 min. the engine was still not going but we were getting very close to an iceberg. icebergs can roll over at any time, thats why you should never get too close to them. We started using old small paddles to get away from the iceberg, over and over again till he finally fixed the engine and we could go further towards the shore again. Puhh, it was scary but we stayed out as I wanted some sunset shots as well.
Not a easy task in an area which is normally covered in fog in the mornings and evenings, especially not when you don't have radar or GPS on board.

But it was worth it, the fog did not roll in and we found a couple humpbacks which were closer to shore, closer to safety. I'm not one of those brave photographers which want to risk their lives for each shot they take so I must say that I was very happy when we reached the harbor just before it got pitch dark, coming in with a flashlight, cruising around little packs of ice which drifted into the harbor during the day.

The whole story behind this photo is the reason why this is one of my all time favorite photos of humpback whales. The light was amazing and the golden color reflected beautifully in the water. The whale made the photograph perfect by turning its fluke in the last second to the side so I actually could photograph the upper part of the fluke with the water running of.

As scary day but it was worth it to get this picture that day - a picture which always reminds me that even if you get the perfect shot, you should never push your luck too far. That day we were simply lucky that the skipper was able to fix that engine. We would not had any chance to paddle back against the tides and up there it is only a matter of hours till the sea turns into a monster with big waves, not the best conditions for photography or survival, when you in a little dingy.

If you are interested, please have a look at my website for more pictures of whales:

many of my pictures are now also available as free hd computer screen backgrounds (wallpapers).

#WildlifeWednesday by +Mike Spinak 
#SunsetSaturday by +TJ Kelly 
#WhaleSunday by +Eduard Klein 
#NatureMonday by +Rolf Hicker 
#ThirstyThursdayPics by +Giuseppe Basile 

#PlusPhotoExtract by +Jarek KlimekPhoto: #WildlifeWednesday

Cute alarm. My contribution today to #WildlifeWednesday which is curated by +Mike Spinak is a cute female coastal grizzly bear, photographed along the British Columbia coast, Canada.

We were out on one of my custom photo tours and saw this sow with two cubs coming down from the forest to the beach. They started rolling around rocks looking for crabs and other small animals they could eat but probably because the tide was not out enough mom grizzly decided to have a rest first.

It was majorly cute when she put her feet on the rock to have a rest. The two cubs were playing in the meantime. Later they started foraging again, rolling around big boulders.

Cute cute cute.

I'm just starting to update my bear pictures on my website, if you interested please have a look at them:

#PlusPhotoExtract by +Jarek Klimek 
#POTDPhoto: #FlowingWaterFriday

I want to wish you all a great weekend - Thanks for checking out my photos!!

Had time to do another scan. This photo is originally photographed in the format 6x7cm with a Mamiya RZ67 (Fuji Provia, Hasselblad X5 scanner). It was featured on one of my high quality poster series back in Europe. it is up to date one of my favorite bear photograph - simply because the quality and details is unbelievable.

Right now it seems like being one of those times when I have to work 4x as much as normal to get 1/4 of income of normal - I really don't like those times, especially not when the kids getting teeth at the same time.

Because I'm not sure how much I will be able to show you next week I want to contribute this photo to more photo themes, even the ones which are coming up next week.

#FlowingWaterFriday by +Kate Church and myself
#FilmFriday by +Richard Call 
#FrighteningFriday by +Alexis Coram (being very close to the bears)
#FurryFriday by unknown
#NatureMonday by myself
#MediumFormatMonday by +Antoine Bonfort 
#WaterfallWednesday by +Eric Leslie 
#WildlifeWednesday by +Mike Spinak 
#PlusPhotoExtract by +Jarek Klimek