459 Photos - Apr 15, 2008
Photo: He had a bloody nose.Photo: "Give me a pound."
(An Egyptian Pound...)Photo: Nobody wanted to give him a pound.Photo: Photo: Photo: Our school was next door to a daycare that made a lot of noise.  These kids were funny.Photo: Photo: The traffic in Egypt is congested.  Very congested.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Bad, bad traffic.  Traffic like this moves VERY slowly.Photo: More of that fun, stuffy traffic.Photo: A nice shot of tons of cars with their byproduct wafting in the nonexistent breeze.Photo: Entering a mosque.Photo: Coming into the courtyard of the mosque.Photo: These watercooler things were on the far side of the courtyard in the mosque.  I have NO idea what they are really for.Photo: In the courtyard of the mosque.Photo: A guy reading in the mosque.Photo: Towers of the mosque.Photo: A tunnel underground.Photo: The same three towers of the same mosque as before, just from a better angle.Photo: Khan Al-KhaliliPhoto: Khan Al-KhaliliPhoto: Khan Al-KhaliliPhoto: Shoes at... Khan Al-Khalili.Photo: Soda and Apple.Photo: Soda and cellphone.Photo: Addiction.Photo: Addiction.Photo: A big column.  It's tall.Photo: Stone statue and random Asian tourist.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Random Asian tourist.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: For some reason, I really like this photo.Photo: Monument for the Unknown Soldier in Alexandria, Egypt.Photo: If you don't know what this is, I can't tell you anything additional here.  Oh, except that it is located in Alexandria.Photo: Inside the castle.Photo: Jesse Chen says: "Why are you taking pictures?"Photo: I enjoyed the 12x zoom on my camera.  I took this picture from the same vantage point as the last one, just with a whole lot of zoom.Photo: Photo: The camera has an auto-stitch feature for panoramas.  Unfortunately, this means you are limited to only three shots for your panorama, and you don't get to manually tweak the stitch job.  Not too bad for automatic though.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Where does it lead to?  We'll go down there later.Photo: For some reason, this is one of my favorite photos from the trip.  I just love looking at it.Photo: A false archway over a real door.Photo: The tour guide (Rasha, far right in stripes) was telling us something here.  I can't remember what she was telling us for the life of me.Photo: Listening to Rasha.Photo: Going inside the castle.  Ooh...Photo: Photo: Photo: Pretty floor design, but the low lighting and my refusal to use a flash led to some blurring here.Photo: Photo: Pretty stone hallway.Photo: Photo: A better, pretty stone hallway.Photo: Photo: My roommate taking a picture out through the bars of a window.Photo: My picture out the same window.Photo: Photo: A random couple sitting on a wall having a little chat.Photo: These two were roommates.Photo: A couple of roommates hanging out looking at the sea.Photo: The pretty floor again, from the second floor.Photo: This is what the castle looked like before that tower thing at the top fell a long time ago.Photo: My roommate taking a photo.  I love the lighting in this photograph.Photo: Brick ceiling.Photo: Photo: Photo: Tunnels in the walls of the castle.  Fun to wander around in.Photo: Nice.  I love this photo of the castle.Photo: A rusty, old cannon in those tunnels in the walls around the castle, facing out to sea.Photo: Photo: Whatever.Photo: Another of my favorite photos.  Looking down a hall in the wall around the castle.  I love the colors, the light and the composition.Photo: Photo: The castle from a restaurant not nearby (using the zoom).Photo: The castle from a restaurant not too close (using the zoom).Photo: The library at Alexandria from the same restaurant as the previous two photos (using the zoom).Photo: Another random shot from the restaurant.Photo: A bus in Alexandria that was so dirty they had to smear some dirt off just so people could read the company name.  All the vehicles in Alexandria had this coating of dirt.Photo: This guy, woman and child group was interesting to photograph from our moving tour bus.  Watch for them in the next few photos.Photo: A couple along the road in Alexandria.Photo: A couple along the road in Alexandria.Photo: I like this photo.  There's so much interaction between these people, it's lovely.Photo: Photo: Photo: A glimpse of a palace...Photo: A tower of a modern palace that once housed a king of modern day Egypt.Photo: More palace tower.Photo: More of the palace.Photo: Palace.Photo: Pretty photo with the sun against the tower of a palace (there was more than one palace in this place).  I like the real lens flare (no Photoshop here!).Photo: Pretty.Photo: I could live here...Photo: This palace belonged to the very last king of Egypt.  It's a big one.Photo: The sky was nice that day...Photo: The house had its own crane for lifting stuff...Photo: It would have been more fun to go up into the tower.Photo: Gargoyle thing?Photo: Pretty decorations...Photo: Look!  Underwear!Photo: Nobody goes in, nobody comes out.  This guy has the most boring job at the whole place.Photo: A nice couple that didn't know they were being camera-sniped.Photo: Nice place to live, huh?  It's almost fit for a king...Photo: A picnic in the king's garden.Photo: With my luck, this would be all I could afford in the garden of the kings' palaces...Photo: Zoom in and take a look at the nice couple...Photo: My roommate.Photo: Nice scenery.Photo: On the way out of the kings' garden of palaces.  Notice the utter lack of respect for lines in the road.Photo: The wall...Photo: The Mediterranean Sea.Photo: Considering how fast we were moving when I got this shot, and how many trees, poles, buildings, fences and people were passing by, I'm impressed I got this shot of the Mediterranean Sea.Photo: The library.  This one was build on (or near, we hope) the site of the original Library of Alexandria that burned down a long time ago.Photo: Students going to the library.Photo: We had to pass through security to get into this library.Photo: That's the planetarium or something like that...  We didn't go inside.Photo: Just inside the enterance to the library.Photo: It's got a whole lot of floors.Photo: They had some old printing presses inside.Photo: An old printing press.Photo: Another old printing press.  Sorry I don't have more information.Photo: Listening to the tour guide, who was not our normal guide.Photo: Some guy.  I liked the composition at the time, not so sure now.Photo: Depth of field...  Ooh.Photo: Lots of stuff to look at in plexiglass boxes.  Here's my roommate.Photo: It's that guy again.Photo: The architecture inside was kind of nice.Photo: I wasn't the only masked avenger shooting photos inside...Photo: Ooh, architecture.  Nice.Photo: The colors...Photo: Working on the computer.Photo: Nice.Photo: Not exactly a vaulted cieling, but it was way up there.Photo: Looking for someone?Photo: Real, live internet users.Photo: Doing homework.  I have a hard time identifying...Photo: Rasha is thinking, "What are you talking about?"Photo: I'm thinking, "What?"Photo: What is on the screen that could hold the attention of five young men so fastly, and for such a long time?  Who knows...Photo: Hard at work.Photo: "Hey, what's that?"Photo: "Ha ha ha."Photo: "I like that one."Photo: Concentrating...Photo: Woman: "Why does the trafic not move?  Get me out of this taxi."Photo: This is the street that greeted me every morning.Photo: "We got yer tires and televisions riiiight here.  Come and get 'em!"Photo: These guys were always out cleaning the streets and stuff (from prison).  A lot of good it did too, those streets were sparkling clean!Photo: Khan Al-KhaliliPhoto: They all sit around, smoking their pipe things, drinking tea with mint and talking about the dumb tourists that pay too much for junk.Photo: Definitely Khan Al-Khalili.Photo: "How can I take your money today?"Photo: "Hey, this isn't an iPhone!  That swindler sold me some cards."Photo: "Just hurry up and come get us already.  The sun is too bright."Photo: Man on left: "I still want an iPhone."
Man next to him: "Honk."Photo: She just swung those gold chains like a pro for about an hour before we left.Photo: "Where is that guy?  He'd better hurry before my eyes burn out."Photo: "No, that's not him either."Photo: We ate in this area, with that big mosque looking over the crowds.Photo: Wow, room to breathe!  The streets at Khan Al-Khalili were always more crowded than this.Photo: This is a good photo illustrating Khan Al-Khalili.  I really like the way it came out.Photo: I think the tower things are called minarettes or something like that.  This guy was watching tourists in Khan Al-Khalili from up on the top of a minarette.  Nice view.  It's hard to realize they're that big from down on the ground.  This was the first one I saw a person up inside.Photo: We got lost in Khan Al-Khalili (more than once), and this was a building we found.Photo: Photo: This is the wall that surrounds Khan Al-Khalili.Photo: Along the market's wall...Photo: The gateway to the market.  Notice the donkey behind the car coming out...Photo: Yeah, they use donkeys for all sorts of things in Egypt.  Cars do not enjoy this.Photo: Sometimes donkeys decide to stop going until someone shoves them.Photo: Trash collecting donkeys.  The young one is learning.Photo: There's always a job for a trash collecting donkey.Photo: The cats like playing in the trash.Photo: Cats, cats everywhere.Photo: Riding off into the sunset...Photo: A fortified compound and a mosque.  I think...Photo: A wall.Photo: Big mosque inside the wall.Photo: Now I'm inside the wall photographing the big mosque.Photo: It has a lot of pilars on the sides.Photo: People, between the pillars and the wall of the mosque.Photo: The wall surrounding the mosque.  They used old stones from the smaller pyramids to build this old wall a long time ago.Photo: Some random lady got in the photo.  Yeah for facial recognition software that gives priority to faces in the scene.Photo: I liked the pilars.Photo: I really can't remember what this thing was called inside the mosque, but this Asian lady was running to it to get her photo taken in front of it.  It turned out to be a nice photo for me.Photo: This clock tower doesn't work any more.  It broke.Photo: Window fancy work.Photo: Photo: Inside the mosque.  The little lights are modern, but the chandeliers have been hanging there for 200 years.  Our tour guide refused to walk underneath them.Photo: Low lighting can make for interesting photos.Photo: Nicely composed shot, kind of.Photo: That's the dangerous light fixture that's been hanging there for 200+ years without any work being done (according to our tour guide who refused to go underneath it).Photo: I love light effects like these.  Visible light beams!Photo: Another angle on the visible light beams coming in through the window.Photo: I was walking while I took this picture, so it came out blurry, but it's still nice to see those visible light beams.Photo: We definitely looked like American tourists.Photo: Nice scenery.  Classic view there.Photo: Downtown Cairo from our vantage point (I can't remember the name of where we were).Photo: Random tourist.Photo: The random tourist smiled.Photo: A random tourist, and a big building in the background.Photo: We were walking around the place (still can't remember the name) and I turned to the right and saw this scene.  I snapped a quick photo while walking, and here it is.Photo: A wall and prayer tower.Photo: I have no idea what this lady was doing here, but there she sat.Photo: Cool.Photo: Here's that lady again, and more of the scenery around her.Photo: Nice ceiling.Photo: Back end of a plane in the Egyptian military museum.Photo: There's that big mosque again.Photo: This scene caught my eye.  This girl was part of a little group trying to sell ice cream.Photo: A group of school girls at the military museum.Photo: A hall in the military museum.  It was an old mansion, so there were lots of halls and rooms.Photo: Another example of the automatic panoramic mode.  I think it did a good job and it makes for a nice photo.Photo: Tanks!Photo: Panorama shot of the area behind the military museum.Photo: Nice, part of the fortification we were at.Photo: Another shot of the fortified complex we were visiting.Photo: On the way out of the fortified area.Photo: Downtown in old, Coptic Cairo.Photo: Coptic Cairo.Photo: I don't remember where we were...Photo: Inside a Christian church.Photo: Same church as the last one.Photo: In the church.Photo: This is one of the best photos I got in Egypt.  It was at the church, and it's just beautiful (to me).Photo: Outside Coptic Egypt.Photo: Eating at a restaurant on the banks of the Nile river.Photo: This restaurant felt more like eating outside under a tent.  I didn't care for it much.Photo: For a tent restaurant, they sure did employ some odd characters.  Take a look at the leprechaun, for example.Photo: Boats on the Nile.Photo: Our tour guide, Rasha, got pretty tired sometimes.Photo: We went on a sailboat trip on the Nile and these guys passed us real close.  I was too late to get this lady's poses, but I whipped the camera out to get this nice shot that's a little less posed.Photo: There they are sailing off into the sunset...  Not really.Photo: Further and further away.  I liked this boat because it was the same kind we were in.Photo: One last shot of them sailing away.Photo: Our view.Photo: The other guys spent a lot of time thinking of fun poses they could do on a sailboat.  For me, it was a chance to laugh at guys willing to hold each other close...Photo: Wind surfing on the Nile!  I love what a good zoom can do for photography.  Perhaps I'll invest in a good SLR someday, because those are even better than my little Kodak.Photo: Chen, looking serious (kind of) for once.Photo: My roommate, and the only girl on the trip.Photo: Row, row, row...Photo: What are they looking at?  I think it's a camera.  They must be reviewing some pictures.Photo: Captain Ahab, on the lookout for his devil.Photo: They'll put anything in the water as long as it still floats.Photo: Captain Ahab doesn't think so.Photo: These guys ripped by so fast I can't believe I got a photo of it.  I thought it would be a lot blurrier than this.  If you look at the background, you'll see that I had to move the camera (track the moving boat) just to try and get the focus to take.Photo: There they go.Photo: She's thinking about it...Photo: What are you talking about?Photo: It's a little cold out here, on the Nile.Photo: "I miss my girl."Photo: That's what our boat looked like.Photo: Another boat like ours.Photo: The same other boat like ours.Photo: People pile into these buses and have to squeeze themselves to fit.Photo: Yeah, another camel ride!  You see the guy in the foreground?  His camel was mean to me - he tried to eat my foot.Photo: Camels, camels everywhere.Photo: They sure do make some funny faces.Photo: I think that's the mean camel that tried to bite my foot off later.  Shame on him.Photo: This one went to an episode of the hit TV series "Pimp my Camel."Photo: Oh no!  There he is!  That's the one that tried to eat my foot.  I kicked him in the head (lightly, of course).Photo: This little boy drove the camel for Stratton.Photo: What are they exchanging there?  Looks suspicious, doesn't it?Photo: Little horses riding by.  See how big the camel (right) is next to the horse?  These things are gigantic.Photo: How's that for riding into the sunset?Photo: Camel caravan!  Yeah.Photo: This camel ride lasted over an hour.  That's a long time to be bouncing up and down on a hard saddle.Photo: Lady on horseback.  I like horses better than camels, I think.Photo: Yeah, I take back what I said at first about this guy's camel.  This one was nice.  It was that OTHER camel that tried to bite my foot.Photo: "Yeeeeeehaaaaw!"
  Yeah, we were going pretty slow.Photo: This was my view most of the time.Photo: This was my view if I looked up.Photo: She got a little stick to whack her camel and make it go faster.  I had to kick the crud out of mine to get him to go faster.Photo: It got dark.Photo: It got dark after the camel ride because we went to the Sound and Light show afterward.  I used a long exposure to get some shots of the lighted up pyramids.Photo: While my exposure was going (I counted some of them lasting close to thirty seconds), some amateur occasionally shot photos with a flash, and that (of course) lit up some of the foreground in my exposure.Photo: They used a large projector to show images and simple animations on a building nearby, lasers to draw things on the pyramids, and colored flood lights to illuminate entire structures.Photo: Ooh.Photo: There goes the guy behind me with his flash again.Photo: The Sphinx.Photo: I zoomed in to try and capture the images from the projector, but they moved and changed too often for me to get a good one.Photo: Photo: It was very hard to steady the camera for such long exposures.  I used the armrest of the chair I was in, and the camera lens cap to help get the angle I wanted.Photo: Another attempt at getting a projected image.Photo: Different colors.Photo: I managed to get a distinguishable image on the face of that wall.Photo: Here you can see the laser beams.  Cool.Photo: I should have given up on trying to get an image from the building.Photo: There's a nice image on the building and some laser beams.Photo: That image came out well.Photo: Image on wall, laser on pyramid, and the guy in the hoodie finally moved (he was totally motionless in the other exposures).Photo: Oooh.  The Sound and Light Show.Photo: At the end they illuminated everything so I did one last exposure to get the whole scene.  Unfortunately, the sphinx's head was overexposed.  Otherwise, the photo came out pretty nice (I think).Photo: One of our final nights, we went on a dinner boat cruise.  The girl that went with us thought it'd be nice if we all dressed up.  There she is in her nice dress.Photo: Chen and Stratton dancing with the (not-so-attractive) belly dancer.  The music was so loud it hurt my ears.Photo: On the dinner boat.Photo: Here we regress a little to some photos I had to restore from a damaged data card.  This is from early in the trip.  We went to this cafe with overpriced food and coffee where I took some photos of the food.Photo: Depth of field.Photo: An over-the-shoulder shot of the food and atmosphere.Photo: We got money every few days.  Here's someone counting their money.Photo: Look at that stack of dough.Photo: This is the one counting the money after she realized she had been photographed.Photo: This is Chen, looking on at the counting of the money, wishing he could have some.Photo: Back to the counting of the money.Photo: The cell phones they gave us there had two games on them, and everyone got addicted to one of them in particular (everyone, that is, except for me).Photo: Playing that addicting game.Photo: Also playing the game.Photo: There's the game - Snake.Photo: Lots of game-playing fun.Photo: Another addict, playing the game.Photo: Early in the trip the school put on a traditional food meal for us.  Here are some shots of the pretty dishes they prepared for us.Photo: Lots of garnish.Photo: The more colors, the better it tastes, right?Photo: Not sure what this was...Photo: Spices and stuff.Photo: The bigger picture.Photo: I don't remember what this was either.Photo: The anticipation of the delicious-looking meal was too much to handle.Photo: Later in the trip we found a coffee shop with wireless internet for my roommate's computer.  Here we are at the first trip to the cafe.Photo: I sat there and took pictures out from the window.Photo: I watched people crossing the street like Frogger.Photo: Later in the trip we went to the girl's apartment, where she lived with two other guys, and she cooked stew.  Here's the steam from the cooking hitting the light above.Photo: Some kitchen utensils.Photo: She was happy cooking.Photo: A lot of satellite dishes on the roof of a building or two.  This was a common sight.Photo: We went to this little museum near the pyramids (I think) where they had some cool stuff to photograph.Photo: Lots of stone statues.Photo: Some early surgical instruments.Photo: Statue.  You can see my camera's reflection in the glass, these statues were not very big.  This one was maybe a foot or two tall (I can't remember exactly).Photo: Same statue, different angle.  You can see it was surrounded by a ton of smaller statues.Photo: A portion of a wall with cool snakes sticking out.Photo: A wooden statue.Photo: Mummy feet.Photo: Shhhh.  He's sleeping...Photo: Little wooden figures.Photo: Petrified animal intestines.  Yummy.Photo: Cool.  A slab of stone!Photo: Probably messing with a camera.  I was hoping the background would be more visible.Photo: If it weren't for the bad pollution and multitude of buildings in Cairo, you'd be able to see the pyramids from anywhere in the city.  Even still, you can see them from several miles away if you catch a glimpse through the buildings on a clear day.  Here we were a few miles away.Photo: Getting closer, only a couple of miles away.Photo: Only a mile or so to go until we get there.Photo: We arrived, and here's a glimpse (through a hole in the wall) of how the ceilings of the inner chambers are constructed.Photo: Waiting to go through security before heading off to the pyramids.Photo: Photo: My roommate.Photo: They have a big boat in there.  Some dead Pharaoh is going to sail to heaven in the boat some day.Photo: Holes in the side of the pyramid.Photo: Photo: Photo: Little pyramids for the wives.Photo: Riding through the desert on a nameless horse.Photo: "Oooh, look at the pyramids..."Photo: Random tourists goofing off for (not my) camera.Photo: Photo: Photo: Bright sun.Photo: "Let me put my head blanket on you."Photo: Take a picture.Photo: "I put my head blanket on the blond American, look!"Photo: "I can't believe he's going to ask for money for humiliating me like this."Photo: Photo: Photo: "Say cheese, camel."Photo: "What are you doing back there?"Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Camels sure do make some funny faces.  This one is saying, "'Sup?"Photo: Let's see those pearly whites...  Oh wait, those aren't white.Photo: Photo: Photo: "Ha ha, camels are so fun..."Photo: Photo: And all she got to ride was a measly little horse...Photo: Photo: Photo: Even the camels like to look at the big, giant pyramids.Photo: "How much do you think it'll cost to get this pile of rocks relocated to our place in Greece?"Photo: Photo: The Sphinx's head is a good place to rest if you're a bird.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Here is a perfume shop we went to after seeing the pyramids.  Inside, the owner showed us their fragrances, how they're made and what they are used for.  I had a stuffy nose, but the mint cleared me out real quick.Photo: Photo: They had some interesting things to hold perfume in.Photo: Pose for the camera (posed shots are always a little lame).Photo: This was shot through the bottles, into the reflection on the mirror behind them.  Interesting look.Photo: Photo: Some of the glass bottles had little glass figures inside.Photo: Arm wrestling at the papyrus store after the perfume shop.Photo: Chen got his trash handed to him.Photo: A view from our balcony.Photo: Another item to be seen from our little loft.Photo: A ceiling lamp in our apartment.Photo: I took a picture of me.  Great...Photo: A photo of another teacher working at the school we were at.Photo: Satellite dishes everywhere.Photo: These were photos that were on the damaged card of the meal they cooked for us at the school.Photo: Everybody loved the food.Photo: An exciting action shot of putting the food in the mouth.Photo: If I used the flash, it would be sharper but the colors would be all wrong.  What can I do?  I need a more expensive camera, that's what.Photo: Another bad shot.  Why did I even upload this one?  Just so you wouldn't feel bad thinking that I only took perfectly wonderful photos every time...  Not.Photo: Her name is Madame Zuzu.Photo: Photo: Good food, good company.Photo: Photo: "Are you pointing your camera at me?  Are you looking at me?"Photo: Photo: Photo: It was hard to get a descent photo of this guy.  He'd always hide from the camera.Photo: Photo: Photo: This lady worked at the cafeteria.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: He had a low-end SLR from Cannon (I think).Photo: Photo: A good (manipulative) friend of mine asked for a photo of the Egyptian sun.  Here it is.Photo: Not the Nile. The canal on the way to the pyramids.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Awwww!  It's a puppy.  He lives at the pyramids.Photo: Photo: There's the puppy again.  Follow the pyramid pup.Photo: "Don't lean back, that's a deep hole."Photo: Photo: "This is Joe.  He tried to sell me cigarettes, but I said 'NO!'"Photo: Photo: