14 Photos - Nov 12, 2013

Starry night by Donna SmithPhoto: First Entry for Winter Photo Contest: Submitted by Jessie Mese. Kenai, Alaska 
Victory PeakPhoto: Forced Perspective photography.
Match box car set up on an Alaska Agate in front of a picture of the Grand Canyon. No filters or instagram enhancements  were used on this photo, all effects were done with a macro lens.
Tyle Owens
Age 12
Nikiski, AlaskaPhoto: Bubbles goes to the car wash
Photo taken by Whitney Owens
Age 10
Nikiski, AlaskaPhoto: Sofia Larson grade 7
 Title: Barrel BeautifulPhoto: Technicolor Tree, Macey Dreyer grade 7Photo: Sofia Larson grade 7
Title: Abstracted TreePhoto: Macey Dreyer grade 7
Title: A look through Grandmas glass tablePhoto: Macey Dreyer grade 7
Title: Right on TrackPhoto: “Snowy Pine”
Taken later on in November. I love the way snowflakes just cling to everything as they fall, it’s so magical!Photo: “Starry Night Sky”
This photo was taken in November of last year, after it had gotten dark enough to actually photograph the stars.Photo: Photo: Mackenzie LindemanPhoto: Mackenzie Lindeman